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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Lesson 372. The lesson today or the title of the lesson
today is the difference between stressful, stressed , and stressed out.
Yeah. This is one that a lot of students of ESL do make some mistakes on or do
get confused about. Probably the most common mistake is when a student of ESL will say
that they are stressful when they should be saying that they are stressed or
stressed out. Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If someone or something is
stressful, it means that person or thing causes stress to others. So if you're
saying I am stressful, it doesn't mean that you feel stressed it means you're
you're making other people feel stressed. So it's a little bit like the way bored
and boring worked. Okay. So like students often make mistakes when they say I am
boring. If you say I'm boring , You're actually insulting yourself . You're saying that
you're a person that makes other people you know, not interested in them. You know,
probably makes them bored. So in the same sense, if you say that you're stressful,
it means you cause stress to others. So that's usually the mistake that students
make. They want to say that they're actually stressed. That they're feeling
stress, but they say stressful which actually has the opposite effect. So
let's continue here. If someone ... if something is stressed that person or
thing is affected by stress. So that's one of the ways they would want to use
it. If someone is stressed out. He or she is suffering from high levels of stress.
So stressed out is much more emphasized than just stressed by itself, especially
mental or psychological stress. Okay. All right. So let's look at it the first one
here where the student might be wrong. With the X this is wrong. So if the
student might say due to all the pressure from preparing for my finals
I feel stressful. No. Again if you said that that would mean that you're causing
other people to feel stressed. All right. what you should be saying is due to the
pressure from preparing for my finals I feel stressed. You
could just say that or if you really want to emphasize it and show that you
know, it's so bad you almost can't take it, you say I feel stressed out. You know,
really nervous tension. You know, you almost don't know if you could handle it.
Okay. Let's continue. Again with the X , this is wrong. She is
stressful these days. I think she may have a nervous breakdown.
No. Well, obviously if you say she is stressful , it means she causes stress to other
people. This is not what the student wants to say here.
Probably stressed out works better because we're talking about a nervous
breakdown which is emotional stress and you know, mental stress. So it'd probably
be a little better to say she is stressed out. I think she may have a
nervous breakdown that would be more suitable than just stressed by itself.
Okay. Let's continue. Stress could be used for physical or mental. So it could be
used actually for both. Stressed out is only used for extreme mental stress
basically. Okay. So let's look at some examples here. She is wearing an Ace
Bandage. Yeah. You know, or when you get an injury, that's one of those bandages you
wrap around to give support. You know maybe for your wrist here, because she
does not want her injury to be stressed. Now in this case your injury cannot be
stressed out . If your injury doesn't have a brain and you know it can't cause a
stress to other people. So this should only be stressed. Okay. This would be
physical stress of course. All right. The next one you say I felt stressed out at
work today. Okay. You could have just said I felt stressed too, but stressed out
does emphasize it more or and the last one. The last example we have here. Every time,
the boss is around the office, he is looking over my shoulder or sometimes we
also say breathing down your neck. His presence is stressful. You know the fact
that he is there it causes stress to the workers. Indirectly you could probably
say he is stressful too because he's causing stress
but we might be more likely to say his presence is stressful. Just the fact that
he's there that he's so close to you looking kind of looking over your
shoulder seeing what you're doing that would definitely cause workers stress. So
therefore whatever causes stress is stressful. Okay. Anyway,
I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope was informative. Thank you for your
time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Lesson (372) The Difference Between Stressful Stressed and Stressed Out

22 分類 收藏
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