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I feel so lost in the anarchy, gotta find my way to harmony today
But if you look in the sky, you'll see the fallen leaves fly,
and the butterflies will come out, so what comes next?
And suddenly, it all turned to black
And I felt a rush of madness flooding through me
But it's what I chose, my path, I suppose
I guess I have to be stronger to find it
If you're bored and not interested
Your thought have been suppressed, it's evidence
Don't pretend that you can care for everything when you can't even save yourself
It's funny that we had wished
for glory, empathy and praise in a world just like this
And I can feel it's pulling me in
It pulls a trigger that is making all our common sense and reasoning disappear
It's not a joke, the Phantom's begun!
In an illusion that's covered up in lies
In an illusion that's changed my heart inside
And I can't tell who's good or evil today
I condemned this life, hated everything
Even though it had a happy end
Oh but I wish you wouldn't say it like that
The world is living and beautiful today
And I'm alive cause you cried for me today
So if you're ready, I want to look at the sky
But our fate is glaring, piercing through straight into all our hearts tonight
Maybe someday I can say that "I love you"


Fate/Grand Order - 絕對魔獸戰線巴比倫尼亞 OP Phantom Joke 日本動畫 (mew quot Phantom Joke" Fate Grand Order OP ENGLISH Cover amp Lyrics Unison Square Garden)

359 分類 收藏
Naphtali 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 22 日
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