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  • - The moment right before I jump, there's

  • a split second there where everything goes

  • completely silent, and that's when I push

  • off the edge.

  • Three,

  • Two,

  • One,

  • See ya!

  • (wind blowing)

  • - [Interviewer] Today I'm speaking with a woman

  • who kind of blows my mind.

  • (phone ringing)

  • - My name is Ellen Brennan, and I'm

  • a wingsuit base jumper.

  • - [Interviewer] Don't be modest, Ellen.

  • What else?

  • - [Ellen] Currently I'm the fastest flying woman

  • in the world when it comes to wingsuit base jumping.

  • - [Interviewer] A wingsuit is a special suit

  • that inflates with air and allows you to, in essence,

  • fly, or glide.

  • Ellen does this all over the world at crazy speeds.

  • - [Ellen] On average I'm flying about

  • 180-190 kmh.

  • - [Interviewer] That's almost 120 mph.

  • But to get to that speed you need to jump off a cliff.

  • - [Ellen] My vision is the first thing I notice,

  • that everything becomes very focused on just my speed.

  • My heart's beating super fast, it's usually beating

  • like 160-170 beats per minute.

  • Sometimes people will talk to me and I

  • won't even hear them.

  • As soon as I push off, I can hear the slip

  • of my feet off of the rocks, and as I slowly

  • start moving I can hear the wind start to rush.

  • (wind blowing)

  • (light music)

  • - Woo hoo!

  • Like, it's something that shouldn't happen.

  • It's not natural, but I'm doing it.

  • How in the world did I get to be able to do that?

  • It's one of the coolest things in the world,

  • like, I can't think of anything better to do (laughs).

  • It's pretty mind-blowing.

- The moment right before I jump, there's


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A2 初級 美國腔

她起飛了。飛翔的感覺 (She Takes Flight: What It Feels Like to Fly)

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