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- Time at this point feels
like a concept, only a number.
Hi, for the next week, I'm gonna be eating, sleeping,
working, and playing in Virtual Reality.
Starting now.
So you may have heard about Virtual Reality.
It sort of looks like a giant toaster
strapped to your head right now.
But I truly believe this technology
will change everything about the way we operate.
So I'm inquiring if one can remain healthy,
make new friends, be productive,
and have fun in the matrix.
Here's how I'll be doing it:
I'll shower like this, work like this,
exercise like this, and sleep like this.
Virtual Reality is like standing in your living room
and going to a new place.
Pass-through is being in Virtual Reality
but seeing a low-quality image of your room.
I can take five seconds to switch headsets.
I've also blacked out all my windows
so I can't see day or night pass.
This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've ever done,
but welcome to a week in the future.
(ambient music)
Day one has being trying to get used
to my new schedule in Virtual Reality.
Even the simple act of grabbing my coffee
on the desk, is a little bit difficult.
Oh, shoot, dang it! (laughs)
I just spilled coffee.
And after keeping it under wraps for many weeks,
I finally announced my experiment,
and it was received with criticism and encouragement.
And having a 24/7 livestream,
I'm not used to having eyes on me all the time.
But what I found was solitude,
specifically in the African Savannah.
This headset allows anyone to create their own environment.
If one is feeling stressed,
they can load into a natural environment
for 10 minutes and relax.
If one is feeling energetic,
they can expel energy in a fitness game.
These are like the new rules
to this reality I've thrown myself in.
Everything is in the headset.
(echoing roar)
So sleeping last night was actually
a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be.
I loaded up a Netflix app in the Oculus Go
and I could basically create a virtual theater
as I drifted off to sleep.
And now, I'm pretty much just continuing what I normally do.
Working out.
Then eating breakfast, and going to work.
I think we just hit the hour, the 20 hour mark.
Kggamer64 says, Love what you're doing here,
but don't you think the challenge would be more effective
if you couldn't see the real world?
In the future, I believe Virtual and Augmented Reality
will be one and the same,
like you'll have a pair of very compact glasses,
like Warby Parker glasses,
and you'll just be able to double tap
and go into Virtual Reality and you'll be able to double tap
and overlay Augmented Reality onto your reality.
So what I'm attempting to do here
is just kind of simulate what I believe
the future of VR and AR will be.
So today, I'm attempting to be a little more social.
I'm jumping into an app called Altspace,
which is like a social media platform in VR.
So people can create events for basically anything.
There's movie screenings, concerts,
and one that piques my interest, is a meditation circle
that happens every Thursday and Monday.
- [Meditation Leader] So my name is Jeremy,
and I'm in Boulder, Colorado.
- [Jak] Hey everyone, my name is Jak.
I'm in Atlanta, Georgia.
- [Phill] Hey, I'm Phill, from Germany.
- [Jane] My name is Jane and I'm from Massachusetts.
- [Gabbi] Gabbi, I'm from Canandaigua, New York.
- [Jeremy] So let's begin by just slowly closing our eyes
and taking three deep breaths.
I instruct to take your breaths
in through your nose and out through your mouth.
I want you to picture that you're
floating safely above the Earth,
at about the distance of the International Space Station,
and you can see Earth floating down below you
- [Meditation Member] I thought the Earth was flat.
- [Jeremy] Please, please, keep yourself muted,
or we're gonna have to move you out.
Notice how fragile it looks,
notice that you can't see any borders or boundaries.
- [Jak] So there's something really interesting
about being mindful in a room full
of other people that are across the world.
I mean, this technology gives someone the chance
to take a break from work for 15 minutes
or join a party and watch a SpaceX launch,
which is what I did today.
- [Party Goer] Oh, yeah, look at that.
- [Jak] (laughs) That's cool.
- [Party Goer] Dead center, it's like (inaudible)
(ambient music)
So I almost feel like I'm in my own
500 square foot spaceship, and I'm really missing Earth,
I'm missing nature.
And now I wanna explore where I can go in this spaceship.
So some friends of mine are showing me
some different worlds in a game called VRChat.
One minute, you can be flying across space,
and the next, you can be talking about the implications
of technology while driving through a train.
- [Gamer] The biggest concerns I have for the future of VR
are the implications of privacy and connection.
If every single movement of yours
can be quantified and tracked and recorded
for research, for marketing, whatever, you know.
Obviously, there are people who get
really paranoid about this.
I just come at it from the perspective
of, you know, any new technology
will inevitably be abused by special interests.
- [Jak] In terms of body, like physical, I'm feeling fine.
I was worried about my eyes yesterday,
because I was feeling a slight burning,
but after last night and sleeping,
there's no burning anymore, which is nice.
So the monotony is kind of getting to me.
I've been driving a train for the past few hours.
There's also a movie screening tonight, which should be fun.
Time, at this point, feels like a concept, only a number.
Not seeing the sun set or rise,
I've taken to games like Skyrim to experience the night.
Also, my virtual fish needs food.
I had a restful sleep last night
and woke up much later today,
but I pulled out a small rowing machine,
loaded up a beach environment,
and rowed my thoughts away.
I then calmed my mind in the hills of China,
and jumped into a virtual office to answer
emails while the sun rose above the horizon.
The ability for VR to have the user
at one point battling a dragon,
and at the next, experiencing a simulation of blindness.
- [Simulation Narrator] Sitting in the park
with the children, I hear the footsteps
of people walking past me.
A panorama of music and information.
- [Kid In Simulation] Daddy, daddy!
- [Jak] VR is stepping into the shoes of someone else,
or driving a spaceship
and talking with friends. - [Friend] Okay, here's my
question Jak, how do you pay for the incense?
Was it with change or would you say in cents? (laughs)
- [Jak] So, there are
these two developers in California
that have created a robot
that lives in their living room.
- [Male Developer] That is so cool.
- [Female Developer] You can buy Gonzo treats,
but it costs $5, so it's a lot.
But it's for his health and safety.
- [Jak] This is the most meta thing I've ever experienced.
I'm experiencing frequent déjà vus.
I'm experiencing frequent déjà vus.
It's essentially like I've momentary recognition,
momentary points where I feel like I've done here before.
It's all very strange, it's all very jumbled together.
- [Woman] (inaudible) is using whole ones, too.
He has access to a wide range.
- [Jak] I found it's very easy
to find your tribe,
to make friends,
to communicate with others
through the virtual landscape.
Where it's no longer through a digital window,
no longer through a screen or a phone,
but actually being there with them.
And that to me, is what VR is.
(overlapping voices)
I now dream in Virtual Reality.
I go through storylines,
and see VR menus and situations.
I then wake up still inside the headset.
It's a very strange experience.
And what's really interesting about VR to me
is that this is a completely new medium for expression.
You know, before, we would have a canvas,
and we could have amazing painters.
Picasso, Dali, and now we have amazing artists
that are now able to paint their dreams,
paint their ideas into a 3D world.
But hold up, before one can create,
they must get inspiration, and being in a headset,
being bound to the digital,
I have found no inspiration to create.
So I'm going home to Mother Earth.
Google Earth VR is one of the most
amazing experiences in Virtual Reality.
(inspirational music)
And short of actually smelling the air around me,
I felt like I was standing outside.
(jazz music)
Imagine how much more compelling learning will be
when we have tools like this for students across the world.
The future is bright.
- [Chris Milk] You lose the ability to show people
exactly what you want them to see,
but you allow them to be within the world,
and that's really different than
any other medium that we've had before.
It is a medium of human experience.
- [Rocky] You ready for this?
Let's get up, kid, get some training.
- [Jak] This morning I trained with the Italian Stallion.
Boxed for the championship title.
And won.
I feel I've successfully used this technology
as an addition, rather than an escape, from my life.
I'm gonna hold which one I think.
This guy, yes.
And I wanna learn about the future of creative technology
with the next generation,
so I'm calling up a teacher here in Georgia.
- [Carrie] I think what's interesting about game design
is that it's a computer science class.
For me, my focus, I really do want it to be on the
creation side and the artistic pieces,
because making games and making VR,
it's not just about the hard code.
Like, there's so many skills that are involved.
Things that they actually wanna do and spend time on.
So we'll see.
(indistinct chatter)
- [Avatar In Black Shirt] He's not the first,
he's not gonna be the last.
- [Commentator] He probably doesn't have eyeballs anymore
because they've melted.
- [Jak] I am ready to get out of this headset.
For the last 8 hours,
I'm jumping in one of the most boring VR games.
- [Penn Jillette] Desert Bus.
360 miles from Tucson, Arizona
to Las Vegas, Nevada.
45 miles per hour, maximum speed.
It takes 8 hours to drive it, if you do it right,
and there's a little bit of a pull to the right.
It's not glamorous, it's not pretty,
it's not exciting, it's real.
(overlapping chatter)
- [Jak] Oh no, it crashed!
- [Friend] Please, tell me you're kidding.
- [Jak] (yawns) No, I'm not kidding.
- [Friend] It's about the journey, not the destination.
- [Jak] Virtual Reality is
a way to escape.
Virtual Reality is a tool for productivity, no.
(synth pop music)
- (laughs)
Oh, my gosh, the graphics, they're so good.
Slight dizziness, like disorientation.
It's like my eyes are trying to catch up with
60 FPS or 90 FPS, whatever FPS real life is.
I have never appreciated the smell of outside air so much.
One thing we cannot replicate is nature.
We can do it visually and auditorily,
but there's something about the energy
of outside and that is amazing.
Seeing people outside,
people seem almost like NPCs,
or not even that, people almost seem
like multiplayer characters.
I'm viewing people differently, like as
individuals in one collection,
one environment,
as avatars.
Obviously, they're not, they're people,
but that's what it feels like.


我一整個禮拜都待在VR裝置裡面,而這是發生經過的紀錄。 (I spent a week in a VR headset, here's what happened)

259 分類 收藏
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