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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,410 This is so nice.
It's so nice.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Finally meeting you, I'm so happy.
I know.
We've never met.
And you've been in a movie with Helen Mirren,
and you've never met her.
And I was in Monsters University with her,
and I never met her until today--
makes two of us.
Oh, that is so funny.
I know, I've been bragging I'm in a movie with Helen Mirren,
I've never met her.
That's so funny.
What's the movie?
Berlin, I Love You.
That's right.
I love you too.
Oh, I love you.
So congratulations.
You just announced that you're pregnant?
Thank you.
I did, yes.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
00:00:34,340 --> 00:00:35,517 Same.
So how are you feeling, how are you feeling?
Any cravings--
I'm good.
--and all that?
Yeah, I have-- yes.
I am craving, unfortunately for me, nothing but junk food.
All I want is, like, 7-Eleven Slurpees or Cheetos.
I mean, terrible-- and I'm a super-healthy eater.
I love eating healthy, vegetarian and all this stuff.
And now I'm, like, give me anything.
Like, chips-- like, it's so bad.
Do you drive in the middle of the night just to go--
I'm constantly, like, 24/7, I'm curbing.
I mean, I'm not letting myself drink Slurpes's every day.
But, you know, it's there, and I'm, like, ooh.
That's all I want.
What if your baby inside just had a straw?
And anytime you had your Slurpee it was just, like--
I know.
It was, like-- at one point, I was, like,
maybe the baby just wants this.
I love that.
And you already have a six-year-old daughter,
gorgeous daughter.
And is she excited to be a big sister?
She is so thrilled.
We told her the news, and I knew she'd be happy because she's
been asking for this.
But as soon as she found out, she started crying.
She was-- this is the best day of my life.
Oh, really?
Yeah, but she loves--
this is something I have to work on with her.
Everywhere we go, she pulls up my shirt.
So everywhere we go, she'll be, like, there's
a baby in this belly!
And I'm, like, um, you know.
And then she's, like, don't you want to touch it?
And they're, like, no, we're good.
You know what I mean-- to like every single--
Oh, my God.
She's so proud.
Flashing everybody.
And tell me your six-year-old daughter's name again.
And what is she into?
Well, right now we're trying to figure out Halloween costumes.
So every year it's a constant-- like,
every day we change our minds.
We go from-- we wanted to be Mal from Descendants.
Then we wanted to be--
she wanted to be a ghost.
So we've settled on--
I think, this year-- yeah, see.
We do costume changes.
We can't just do one look, so we have two.
She's very dramatic, so she needs two looks.
She was born with a heart over her face.
That's amazing.
We let her decide when she wants to be on social media.
But she wants to be an angel and a peacock.
So we've settled.
Wait, she's gonna be both at the same time?
Like, an angel peacock?
During the day, she's an angel.
And at night, she's a peacock.
Yeah, exactly.
And now, this is exciting.
You're making a movie based on Magic Michelle.
So Ellen--
Because of the sketch here, yeah.
Ellen has-- I call her my little angel.
She's, like, completely transformed my life many times.
But we did a skit here, Magic Michelle.
It was hilarious.
She called me the night before and said, hey, can you do this?
And I called up Chrissy Teigen, and I called up Olivia,
and we stripped.
Yeah, I taught Ellen stripper moves, which was super fun.
That was so funny.
Halfway through that skit--
Look at that.
And Oprah!
Not really.
It's the closest I've been to Oprah.
I was, like, Oprah was in this.
She said, let's make a movie.
And I said, that's a great idea.
And then all of a sudden, we sold it to Warner Brothers.
And I started a production company
of women-driven material.
When do you sleep?
I don't sleep, period.
I'm a mom.
We don't sleep--
I mean it's amazing.
You're doing so much.
And then this.
Yes, my book's--
Not only will I do a movie and rule the world,
but I'll also write a book about it.
Tell us about the book.
This was really fun for me.
I had never written anything.
They called me, and I started it as a poetry book.
But it ended up being--
it's a lifestyle book.
One of my biggest passions, and something
that's always been important me, is my connection to something
greater than me.
It's, like, my total hippie self.
I love that.
I love crystals.
I'm always wearing them.
Tell me about crystals.
I love them.
I have some friends that--
I have no idea.
They just look like-- oh, that's a beautiful pet rock ocean.
Yeah, exactly.
They're beautiful.
But to me, there's different properties
for different crystals.
And you can use them and place them on your body
and in your room in different areas.
But I like to wear them to the airport a lot.
I put them in my pockets.
And I, like, put them on my purse,
and I go through security.
And half the time, they stop me, and they're, like, ma'am--
what's in your pockets?
And I'm, like, oh, hold on.
So I'm pulling out 10 crystals.
It helps me feel, you know, grounded
or whatever it is on a plane.
I love that.
And I love that you took the time
to just really sit down and do it.
It's amazing.
Jenna's book, Gracefully You: Finding Beauty and Balance
in the Everyday, is available Tuesday.
And today, you're all going home with a copy of it.
We'll be right back.


艾倫秀 (Jenna Dewan's 'Terrible' Pregnancy Cravings)

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