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- Hello!
- [Jackie] I'm sit down here, Ev.
By you.
(dramatic music)
- [Evelyn] Fantastic.
So are you guys good, like where are we at in life?
You and Malaysia? - [Jackie] Me and Malaysia?
That situation's done.
That's a pass.
As far as Feby goes,
done. - [Evelyn] Oh yeah, I forgot
about Feby.
So what was, what was the beef?
You were outside - Okay.
- [Evelyn] Of Jennifer's thing, and (screaming).
You know, so we're tryin' to understand
where the missin' piece of the puzzle was.
- Feby!
You wanna come out here, bring your ass out here.
- [Man] They don't - Why's she callin'
my name. - [Man] understand how it--
(whooshing) - [Jackie] OG told me
she had a lot to say about me after court.
She's like,
upset about somethin', so, it's like
come out here. - Jackie.
- Let her finish, let her finish.
- No, (beep) that!
- [OG] Okay.
- [Feby] You gonna come to a (beep) cancer event,
actin' like a (beep) animal?
You serious, Jackie?
Are you serious?
As a grown ass adult, are you serious?
- [Jackie] Here Feby goes again, startin' some (beep).
She thinks she can be slick at the mouth,
and just get away wit' it.
She is so lucky that I'm in no mood
to deal with her BS tonight.
- February 19th, my father, my grandfather
passed away from cancer.
You come to a cancer event actin' like how you act,
talkin' about come outside and all this extra (beep).
After you bought me a candle.
My grandfather passed away two days ago.
- Wow, I'm sorry to hear that.
- [Feby] It's okay, I'm strong.
- Do you have anything for healing
from a loss? - [Store Clerk] We actually
even have a spirit guide candle.
- [Jackie] Can you get it out, I'd like to get it for her.
(whooshing) - [Phoebe] Talkin' about
your mother passed away, and my grandfather.
- I did, I did, - [Feby] This, this is
what we doin'. - I did.
- [Feby] Is this what we (beep) doin'?
She wanna give gifts, and she wanna do all of--
Matter fact, pause, one second.
- Feby, you're a little drunk.
(hip hop music)
- [Malaysia] Feby goes in the house,
and I'm like, wait what's happening.
You know, remember,
we don't really know her that well. (laughing)
- [Feby] Like I said, she wanna give gifts.
(candling slamming) You can back,
I don't wanna none of that (beep).
This ain't charity.
- [Jackie] Oh Lord, Jesus.
- [Evelyn] Feby, she's somethin' else.
She could have packed anything else.
Some extra bread bottoms, outfits, bathin' suits,
but instead she ended up packing the candle.
I gotta hand it to her, that's dedication.
- [Feby] This ain't charity.
Ain't (beep) funny about that, bitch.
(Beep) animal. - I've been
called worse by better.
- [Feby] They ain't here.
- [Jackie] No. - [Feby] Okay, ears.
- [Jackie] Anyhows. (digital game zoom)
- [Feby] Okay. - [Jackie] Feby,
you can sit up with your
little insults. - [Feby] Okay.
- [Jackie] 'Cause she's childish.
- [Evelyn] Now I know how people feel when Tami and I argue,
because it kept going.
- You look childish.
- [Feby] I'm embarrassed. - And stupid.
- You look childish. - [Jackie] You do,
you look dumb.
- You look dumb. - [Jackie] You look dumb.
You're not on my level,
alright. - [Feby] You look, you look
dumb. - Oops.
- [Evelyn] I said to myself, Jackie's a little too calm.
- You're too old.
- [Jackie] You're done.
- [Feby] It was - Have nothin'
else to say. - [Feby] Embarrassin'.
You're done, you're retired actually.
- [Shaunie] I honestly have never seen Jackie this calm
to someone snappin' on her, ever,
which scares me to death.
Feby better sleep with one eye open.
- Done.
(hip hop music)


Feby Pops Off On Jackie! | Basketball Wives

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