A2 初級 美國腔 402 分類 收藏
みなさんこんにちは、ViVi モデルの河北麻友子です。
今回は、ViVi を代表して日本デビューを果たしたショーン・メンデスさんにインタビューにきました。
- Ok, so first of all. I'd like to congratulate you on your debut in Japan. -Thank you very much.
And how do you feel about it?
Great, I feel so good, I mean, I know the fans knew this music just from YouTube for a while now.
But it's nice to know that they can actually just go on if they want to listen to it now.
- I'd like to give you a present. - Oh great!
It's a t-shirt.
Oh awesome, cool!
And it actually says your name in Japanese - in Japanese
I was gonna say, cause I have no idea what that says.
Cool, thanks!
And we also got you...this is like, it's Japanese Wagashi.
It's called Wagashi. - It's very heavy. It's food? - Yeah
Oh my god, this looks crazy.
- It's Daihuku. - What is it?
What's the most Americanized thing you can (describe with)? A donut?
- It's rice and it has like beans inside, and it has red beans inside as well. - Beans!
Do you like Japanese food? Did you eat anything while you were over here?
Erm, obviously, I love sushi, but I haven't gotten to, that crazy. But last time I was here I went to a Paddle restaurant.
Where they serve you the stuff on the big long paddle.
Do you know what I'm talking about? Do you have a name for it?
I don't even know about that.
Oh, um, It's like this crazy thing and very little chairs and you sit around and the chef is in the middle.
And he is on his knees kind of cooking over the fire and he just hands everything on the paddle.
- Did you like that? - I did. It was nice.
I think we're gonna go tomorrow again.
Maybe, see like what kind of fashion do you like for girls?
I think like, I think it depends on the girl because everyone's personality is different, so, something that shows your personality.
But I.. I don't know. All this stuff is really nice that they're wearing. This is cool. This bag.
If you were gonna go on a date with a girl, where would you take her?
I thought you were gonna say what should she wear, I was like, I don't know.
I'd do something fun. I think I wouldn't, I probably wouldn't go to like a nice restaurant because that's too high pressure.
So maybe I'd take her to do, like go see like a, a musical or like a show or, a concert or something.
- So not your concert? - Not my concert, someone else's concert.
Oh there is like a booth. - Yeah, it's a booth.
You've never done this?
Oh my god, yay, this is your first time.
- Can it get the shirt? - Yes, we do.
Oh my god, look what we got! Makes us look so weird.
Go ahead, dig it. Your first Purikura.
What did you just say?
- I look scary, look at my eyes! - Yeah, you do look scary actually.
Hi everyone reading ViVi!
Wear clothes that make your personality shine! I love you guys!


ショーン・メンデス インタビュー by 河北麻友子

402 分類 收藏
Yukiko 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 19 日
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