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  • I think one of the biggest topics of discussion today is motivation, across the board.


  • In fact, I get this question all the time: "how do you stay motivated?"


  • Well, here's the deal.


  • I'm not motivated all the time.


  • I think a lot of you guys think that, because, I was a seal, or I got a big social media presence, or, I run a successful company that I wake up out of bed and I piss excellence and I'm motivated all the time.


  • It's not like that.


  • I see these guys out there, and, they're pitching their motivation and they look really motivated, and it seems like they're motivated every second of every day, 365 days a year.

    我常常看到很多人有一些關於動力的演講,他們都看起來充滿動力,就好像 365 天的每一秒鐘都非常積極一樣。

  • I'm not buying it. I'm just not buying it.


  • I'm just like everyone else. I'm hard on myself.


  • I get down on myself. I get myself into ruts, I psyche like myself out. I get tired. I start wondering is all this shit that I'm doing even worth it? Is it even worth the effort you know.


  • I get...I bitch. I bitch constantly about my bullshit little problems.


  • I get to the point where I want to quit, where I want to quit the business.


  • I wanted to quit at Buds, I wanted to quit at the agency, and you know what, there's gonna be times where I want to quit again.


  • But I don't quit. That's the difference.


  • You're gonna run into hurdles that seem like they're impossible to jump over.


  • You're gonna run into roadblocks that seem like they're impossible to get through.


  • You're gonna get yourself into ruts that feel like they're impossible to get out of, but you just got to keep going. You got to keep going. You got to realize you're gonna find something that motivates you again.


  • It's what you do in between those motivational sets where you are motivated, that's gonna set you apart from everyone else.


  • Everybody can be super productive and a badass when they're motivated.


  • It's what you do when you're not, knowing that you will find it again.


  • You'll find your motivation again.


  • You just got to realize sometimes you gotta suck it up, and you're gonna have to pay the fucking man every once in a while.

    你要明白很多時候你就是必須咬緊牙關, 必須時不時付出一些代價。

  • There's no secret recipe.


  • My point here is, you're not gonna be motivated all the time, and when you do hit that motivation again, ride it, because that's gonna give you the momentum that you need to carry it through the next time you're not motivated.


  • It comes in, it comes in waves. It comes in waves.


  • Life's not all petting unicorns and shitting rainbows; in fact, it's usually quite the opposite.


  • But, if you dig in, keep your head up, and put one foot in front of the other and drive forward, every day even when you're not motivated, maybe you will get to pet a unicorn and you might get to shit a rainbow.


  • So keep that in mind, just remember, just because you're not motivated doesn't mean you can't reach your goals.


  • You'll find your motivation again.


  • I guaran-fucking-tee it! And if you don't, you can always go to vigilance elite dot com, order yourself one of these flannels. Alright

    我認真的跟你保證,但如果你還是遇到困難,你可以去 ,然後幫自己買一件法蘭絨衣服。

I think one of the biggest topics of discussion today is motivation, across the board.


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