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  • Jeff Bezos is the richest person in modern history.

    Jeff Bezos 是世界首富。

  • His estimated net worth is $156 billion, making him the first person to accumulate a fortune over $100 billion.


  • Bezos' wealth is so massive that according to Business Insider calculations, spending $88,000 to him is similar to an average American spending one dollar.

    根據 Business Insider 的數據計算,Benzos 花八萬八千美元就等同於一位美國人花一美元。

  • And he intends to spend his entire fortune for the good of humanity, but it might not be in the way that you'd think.


  • Amazon is the primary source of Bezos' considerable wealth.

    Bezos 最主要的財富來源正是 Amazon 公司。

  • He founded the company in 1994, and today, he's the CEO and largest stockholder with a 16% stake in the company.

    他在 1994 年創辦了這間公司,而他也是現任執行長和佔有 16% 股份的最大股東。

  • As the Amazon stock price increases, so does its leader's wealth.

    當 Amazon 股價上升,公司領導者自然而然也會賺進更多的錢。

  • Since it's IPO in 1997, Amazon's split adjusted stock price has increased 97,000%.

    自從 1997 年公司首次進行公開募股,Amazon 的分裂調整股價不斷攀升了 97,000 個百分點。

  • Amazon has turned into a brand that touches almost ever aspect of life, and has grown through lucrative acquisitions and investments.

    Amazon 變成了一個和我們生活密不可分的大品牌,透過收購和投資其他公司,Amazon 的勢力也逐漸擴大。

  • In 2009, Amazon purchased the online shoe retailer Zappos for $1.2 billion.

    在 2009 年, Amazon 花了 12 億美元收購了 Zappos (一家線上鞋子零購商)。

  • In 2017, the company bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion, giving Amazon a hold on 18% of the U.S. online grocery market.

    在 2017 年,又花了 137 億美元收購了 Whole Foods,使得 Amazon 佔有美國線上雜貨市場的 18%。

  • And in February of 2018, the company unveiled Amazon Web Services.

    而在 2018 年的二月,Amazon 推出全球線上商店服務。

  • It's $17.5 billion cloud computing business.

    這個雲端計算事業耗資了 175 億美元。

  • Not surprisingly, the richest man in the country is also one of the largest land owners in the country.


  • He owns a 5.3 acre home in Medina, Washington that's valued at $25 million.

    他在華盛頓州的麥地那地區擁有 5.3 英畝的家,價值約 2500 萬美元。

  • His estate neighbors the second richest living person, Bill Gates.

    世界第二富豪 Bill Gates 就是他的鄰居。

  • Bezos also owns a $23 million townhouse in Washington, DC, neighboring the Obamas, and Ivanka Trump.

    Bezos 在華盛頓哥倫比亞特區也有一間價值 2300 萬美元的別墅,歐巴馬一家人以及 Ivanka Trump 都住在附近。

  • On top of that, he has a $25 million mansion in Beverly Hills and three apartments in New York City, that total a value of $17 million.

    除此之外,他在比佛利山莊也有間價值約 2500 萬美元的豪宅,在紐約有一共 1700 萬美元的三間公寓。

  • And finally, his largest real estate purchase is a 30,000 acre ranch in Van, Horn Texas that serves as a base for his space exploration company, Blue Origin, but we'll get back to that.

    最後,他最具價值的不動產是位於德州 Van Horn,占地約三萬英畝的大農地,用來作為「藍色起源 (一家私人太空公司)」的基地。

  • To get around to all his homes and investments, Bezos owns a $65 million Gulfstream jet.

    為了方便往來所有的房子土地,Bezos 又買了一台價值 6500 萬美元的灣流 G650 噴射機。

  • Unlike his billionaire peers, Bezos doesn't engage in public philanthropy very often, but he has made large donations to Mary's Place, an organization that supports Seattle's homeless population.

    不像其他億萬富翁,Bezos 很少參與公開慈善活動,但他捐贈了鉅款給 Mary's Place,一個專門幫助西雅圖無家可歸之人的協會。

  • As well as TheDream.US, which supports people protected by the Dream Act.

    還有 TheDream.US,一個專門幫助人們實現夢想的組織。

  • He does, however, publicly invest in and fund projects.

    此外,Bezos 還針對特定工程計畫進行公開投資。

  • In 2013, Bezos funded and led an expedition to recover one of the rocket engines from the Apollo 12 mission, from the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

    在 2013 年,Bezos 資助並帶領一支考察隊將沉入大西洋海底的阿波羅十二號的太空船引擎撈起。

  • On his request, NASA donated it to Seattle's Museum of Flight.

    應 Bezos 的要求,太空總署決定把引擎捐贈給西雅圖的飛行博物館。

  • In early 2018, Bezos provided $42 million in funding for the 10,000 year clock through The Long Now Foundation.

    在 2018 年年初,Bezos 提供 4200 萬美元給 The Long Now Foundation 去建造「一萬年時鐘」。

  • The clock is meant to be a symbol of long-term thinking.


  • He's made a number of investments and acquisitions through his Venture Capital firm, Bezos Expeditions.

    Benzo 都是透過 Bezos Expeditions 其個人投資公司來進行所有的投資收購活動。

  • And he is personally invested in Google, Uber, Airbnb, and more, including his 2013 purchase of The Washington Post for $250 million.

    他也投資了像 Google、Uber 及 Airbnb 等大公司,在 2013 年,他用兩億五千萬美元買下華盛頓郵報。

  • But his most ambitious venture has been Blue Origin.


  • It's rocket, New Sheppard, has had several successful test flights, and it's currently developing a larger rocket called New Glenn.


  • He liquidates $1 billion of Amazon stock per year to fund the project, and its goals of supporting large-scale human space flight and colonizing the solar system.

    他每年都會從 Amazon 股票中抽取十億美元來資助這項太空計畫,為的就是要實現大規模人類太空飛行以及殖民整個太陽系。

  • And he plans to use all his wealth to fund space exploration.


  • Bezos believes it's his most important work.

    Bezos 認為這是他最重要的工作。

  • He hopes Blue Origin will increase human production and efficiency, and will help avoid civilization stasis.


  • I'm very lucky because I feel like I have a mission-driven purpose with Blue Origin that is I think incredibly important for civilization long term.


Jeff Bezos is the richest person in modern history.

Jeff Bezos 是世界首富。


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