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- The scene that you're about to see
is Apple getting sized up for her new tits.
(bass thumping beat)
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, this is the doctor's office.
And right here I found out about this doctor
through my homegirl.
- In here?
- Is that a strip mall?
- You getting your titties done at a strip mall?
- Yes, girl.
- Have you read (bleep) reviews on this (bleep)?
- They saying yup and yup and yup.
- My phone is saying (bleep) you an (bleep).
- I didn't know we was going to a strip mall.
There was like a (bleep) of America over there,
there was a fish fry place,
it was a deli over there,
I was like,
"Bitch, you getting your titties done in a strip mall?"
♪ I'ma get my titties ♪
♪ I'ma get my- ♪
- She done made a song.
♪ I'm getting that titties ♪
♪ I'm getting that double D, a C or A ♪
- She gonna be a (exclamation)!
She gone be grighteous, all right.
- Would you do a double D?
- I might,
because depending on how my schedule is.
- If you get a double D,
I might motorboat you.
- That would be fun.
- FYI, I have motorboated Apple,
it's the best thing in the world.
If you ever get to put your face in Apple's titties,
it's a great feeling.
- Previously, you had some anemia,
so I didn't do it.
You know, with the-
- Oh (bleep), anemia.
Girl, you gotta take care of yourself.
- Is she healthy or not to get the titties or not?
That's all we need to know.
- Okay Apple, are you ready to try on some implants?
- Yeah.
- I'm gonna try one too, I'm supporting.
- Yeah, of course.
- Ray!
- I'm not that gay,
like I've never had a bra on before,
or any women's garment.
Does a thong count?
- What the hell did they give him?
A parachute?
- The other way around.
- Do you have a bigger bra?
I'm a big girl.
- He know he shouldn't be trying on no bra,
don't know how to put one on.
Don't know which way, look at him.
- How are you liking those, Apple?
- I need them bigger.
- Dang, is she gone go bigger again?
- Upgrade your life,
upgrade your body,
upgrade everything, girl.
Do it, okay?
- Yeah, you get my small one.
- These things is heavy.
So this whole thing gone be inside your booby?
- Yeah.
- I don't know if y'all have ever felt an implant,
it feels like hard jello.
- I think Apple should get them breasts as big
as her heart desires.
- To be honest,
she about five two,
so if the girl boobies is too big,
she gone damn near fall over, Jesus.
I don't wanna her to get them too big,
I'd say a nice C cup.
- What do you think about these?
- I like the big titties.
- I like the big titties.
I could go to the club with these on.
- Next door was a wing spot.
You get your titties, and you get some wings,
and you go home and recover.
That's how that goes.
- The next scene you're about to see is
the guys taking a break,
having a game of pool while they catch up on the tour.
(bass thumping beat)
- Ooh, we shooting pool.
- You seeing that, right?
- I'm not gone lie.
- Is that Spectacular from Pretty Ricky?
- You know y'all boys can't shoot no pool, man.
- I know.
- How you doing?
- What's good with ya?
- Man, this (bleep).
- He's so cute.
The one in the yellow.
- Y'all was on 1000 on the L.A. show.
- It was so mother (bleep) epic,
I had a good time.
- They need to be a group.
They need to get together.
♪ If I had one wish ♪
They need one wish around there.
- I saw you with your new wifey.
- What are you talking 'bout?
- Apryl?
- Listen, my man Ray J is the king of
saying some (bleep) without saying some (bleep)
knowing that he's saying some (bleep).
- I saw your collab.
- Don't even put that out there like that, bro.
- I saw you pull up.
- Me and Apryl is friends.
- If Fizz and Apryl is friends,
then I sing like Lyrica.
- Oh, I knew they were gonna say this.
- It's like everywhere I'm going now
this is a conversation when I've already said it
like a million times, that's my friend.
- I'm just seeing you now so I was just, you know,
we shooting pool and (bleep).
- He is lying like a mother (bleep).
He lying!
- Why, everybody been on your bumper about it?
- Yeah, and it's just like come on, man.
Even if I did do it.
- Yeah.
- What does it matter to you?
- Exactly.
Thanks, bae.
Why is it such a thing?
- It ain't nobody business but I seen it affected (bleep).
- That's interesting to hear
because nobody says nothing to me.
- (exhales) Now that's a weird conversation right there.
- I don't care what the relationship is,
but it should be clarity there.
It's not clear.
- Yeah.
Just to put it on the table.
- Ain't no way that I'm two stepping
with a (bleep) right next to me,
and I ain't said "Ay, bro.
Ay, let me talk to you in the backstage."
- They all gone (bleep) our money up,
you know what I'm saying?
- And you see, that's the reason
why I'm working on the Immature tour right now.
- So for the bag, for the future,
for respect to the bread,
let's just like minimize it,
and we can move forward and get the max potential
out of the joint.
- I think Fizz is full of (bleep).


Apple Watts Gets Sized Up & Fizz's Defense - Check Yourself - S6 E7 | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

14 分類 收藏
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