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'Idols that were born rich'
Let's check out No.7
She's definitely different from anyone else!
Dalla dalla~
They've been singing, "We're different~"
Super rookie ITZY got their first win right after their debut!
All 5 members look stunning and sophisticated
Who's No.7 on the list?
That's me~
Oh Lia~ She does look very sophisticated
She even looks sophisticated!
No.7 on today's list is Lia from ITZY
She's the main vocalist of ITZY, she was an amazing singer since she was young
She had an incredible voice even before her debut
See how relaxed she is
But there's something else!
This is a photo of Lia during her trainee days
She looks a bit younger, but there's something else that caught our attention
That Pra** bag!!
It costs 1790 dollars!
And that's a picture of her when she was 19!
She had a Pra** bag when she was only 19... she really deserves to be on this list!
But there's more!
She's fluent in English too!
She even speaks English...?
How did she become fluent in English?
Nope! Right here in Jeju!
She went to an International school in Jeju called NLCS Jeju
This is not just a regular school!
All classes at NLCS Jeju are taught in English
Orchestra, Scuba-diving, and horseback riding
They have over 100 student clubs
Don't be surprised yet
Wow... there's more?
The tuition for 1 school year is...
About 40,000,000 won!
If you include the boarding fees...
It adds up to 60,000,000 won each year!
And the club activity expenses are not included
Students from NLCS Jeju
Usually end up studying abroad
Actress Kim Hee Ae's son
And many other children with celebrity parents go to NCLS Jeju
As well as children of many famous business conglomerates
Is this in real life?
Lia worried about different things
She had a hard time deciding whether she should go to an American college or British college
But in the end she didn't choose either of them
She chose JYP instead!
Rather than becoming an elite, she chose to become a singer
I love myself
And we like you too, Lia!
With your incredible language skills
We hope you become a global Idol
No.7 on today's list was Lia of ITZY
It's not just Lia, I heard that Ryujin was also born in a wealthy family
Her father is a director at an oriental clinic
And their group name is ITZY(있지: Got it)
We got it!
We got it all~


[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [14회] 역시 뭔가 달라! 엘리트 명문 길 걸을 뻔한 'ITZY 리아' 190918 EP.14

124 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 19 日
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