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  • 'Idols that were born rich'

  • Let's check out No.7

  • She's definitely different from anyone else!

  • Dalla dalla~

  • They've been singing, "We're different~"

  • Super rookie ITZY got their first win right after their debut!

  • All 5 members look stunning and sophisticated

  • Who's No.7 on the list?

  • Lia

  • That's me~

  • Oh Lia~ She does look very sophisticated

  • She even looks sophisticated!

  • No.7 on today's list is Lia from ITZY

  • She's the main vocalist of ITZY, she was an amazing singer since she was young

  • She had an incredible voice even before her debut

  • See how relaxed she is

  • But there's something else!

  • This is a photo of Lia during her trainee days

  • She looks a bit younger, but there's something else that caught our attention

  • That Pra** bag!!

  • It costs 1790 dollars!

  • And that's a picture of her when she was 19!

  • She had a Pra** bag when she was only 19... she really deserves to be on this list!

  • But there's more!

  • She's fluent in English too!

  • She even speaks English...?

  • How did she become fluent in English?

  • America?

  • UK?

  • Nope! Right here in Jeju!

  • She went to an International school in Jeju called NLCS Jeju

  • This is not just a regular school!

  • All classes at NLCS Jeju are taught in English

  • Orchestra, Scuba-diving, and horseback riding

  • They have over 100 student clubs

  • Don't be surprised yet

  • Wow... there's more?

  • The tuition for 1 school year is...

  • About 40,000,000 won!

  • If you include the boarding fees...

  • It adds up to 60,000,000 won each year!

  • And the club activity expenses are not included

  • Students from NLCS Jeju

  • Usually end up studying abroad

  • Actress Kim Hee Ae's son

  • And many other children with celebrity parents go to NCLS Jeju

  • As well as children of many famous business conglomerates

  • Is this in real life?

  • Lia worried about different things

  • She had a hard time deciding whether she should go to an American college or British college

  • But in the end she didn't choose either of them

  • She chose JYP instead!

  • Rather than becoming an elite, she chose to become a singer

  • I love myself

  • And we like you too, Lia!

  • With your incredible language skills

  • We hope you become a global Idol

  • No.7 on today's list was Lia of ITZY

  • It's not just Lia, I heard that Ryujin was also born in a wealthy family

  • Really?

  • Her father is a director at an oriental clinic

  • Wow...

  • And their group name is ITZY(있지: Got it)

  • We got it!

  • We got it all~

'Idols that were born rich'


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[ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [14회] 역시 뭔가 라달!엘리트 명문 길 걸을 뻔한 'ITZY 리아' 190918 EP.14 ([ENG sub] Mnet TMI NEWS [14회] 역시 뭔가 달라! 엘리트 명문 길 걸을 뻔한 'ITZY 리아' 190918 EP.14)

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