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A lot of the people chanting my name right now 2
were the very same people who have accused 3
me of being behind the attacks on Roman Reigns. 4
And, and I understand why. 5
And now I understand why more than ever. 6
But I wanna be very clear with you people, 7
good or bad, I have never lied to you. 8
>> [APPLAUSE] >> And 9
tonight, I stand before you exonerated of all 10
the heinous attacks on Roman Reigns. 11
But that's not what I'm out here to talk about. 12
I'm out here to talk about Erick Rowan. 13
[NOISE] You see, Erick Rowan says that he's been disrespected. 14
Erick Rowan says that nobody saw him. 15
You know who saw Erick Rowan? 16
You know who saw Eric Rowan? 17
I saw Eric Rowan. 18
And I didn't just treat him as my equal. 19
I treated him as my friend because he is my friend. 20
[MUSIC] 21
>> Boy. 22
[MUSIC] 23
>> What a threat coming over the face of Daniel Bryan. 24
>> That friendship is long gone. 25
>> Dan, Dan, Dan, stop. 26
I'm sick and tired of hearing you speak. 27
You're out here talking about how you thought you and me are equals. 28
But yet, who was always the one standing behind you? 29
Who would never let me talk? 30
See you're too busy, busy trying to make me into your puppet, into your follower. 31
Dan, did you ever stop and ask me how I felt? 32
How I felt about anything. 33
[NOISE] I will not be 34
disrespected. 35
>> You feel disrespected? 36
You feel disrespected? 37
Why don't you do something about it? 38
Why don't you do something about it? 39
Because there is nothing that you can do to me physically that's worse than you 40
breaking our friendship, betraying me. 41
There is nothing that you can do worse than lying to me. 42
So if you're there feeling disrespected, do something about it. 43
>> [APPLAUSE] >> No. 44
>> And it's Luke Harper from behind. 45
We saw Harper reemerge this past Sunday at Clash of Champions, 46
all part of the master plan of Rowan. 47
>> Man, I get Daniel Bryan trying to dare Erick Rowan to do something. 48
But well, we saw what Rowan did two weeks ago, and now- 49
>> Now Harper is involved. 50
[MUSIC] 51
>> Hold on. 52
>> Hold on, hold on. 53
>> [APPLAUSE] >> Remember, 54
Roman Reigns has his own to score to settle. 55
>> Rowan with an Iron Claw moments ago at Daniel Bryan and 56
Roman Reigns marching towards the ring. 57
>> Reigns bypasses Harper, coming straight at Rowan. 58
>> Superman Punch. 59
[NOISE] >> No, no, no, no. 60
>> Harper and Rowan, setting up Reigns. 61
>> Spine-first into the post. 62
[NOISE] >> They're 63
tearing apart the ringside area. 64
>> Rowan tearing up the protective mats on the outside, that's an exposed concrete. 65
I shudder to think what's going through the mind of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper. 66
>> The security is out here. 67
Remember the security Shane McMahon had earlier tonight. 68
Trying to tow some order here. 69
>> Yeah, and no one is able to stop Harper and Rowan. 70
>> SmackDown LIVE is becoming their own personal wasteland. 71
>> What the- >> Don't do that. 72
>> No. 73
>> [NOISE] God. 74
[NOISE] >> It's a war zone here at ring side. 75
Look at Harper tearing at the face of Daniel Bryan. 76
>> You know what at this point the officials should just stay away. 77
Just stay away from Harper and Rowan. 78
[NOISE] >> No. 79
>> No, no, no, no, no. 80
>> No. 81
>> No. 82


Erick Rowan and Luke Harper overpower Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 17, 2019

63 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 19 日
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