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Over 100 million people have watched this adorable video.
Look at this.
My friend.
My friend, you are just adorable.
I know.
So cute.
All right.
They're about to see each other for the first time today.
From New York City, please welcome best friends
Maxwell and Finnegan.
Give me a hug.
Oh my God.
Great to meet you!
Hi, everybody.
You came out with an airplane and a truck.
Maxwell, you don't have any toys to hold onto.
I don't have any--
We didn't know we were supposed to bring anything.
Oh, look.
He's sharing.
We brought one for Maxwell.
Finnegan, that's so sweet of you.
So you're both two years old.
Is that right?
You're two?
OK, and how are you both doing, kids?
How's life?
So how-- first of all, how do you all know each other?
We were at our favorite restaurant in the neighborhood
about a year ago.
We we're sitting at this big communal table.
And then Maxwell came in with his family,
and they asked to sit at the other end.
We started talking we ended up getting their number,
and it's sort of the rest is history.
Now-- and they're both the same age?
Do they both go to the same daycare or anything like that?
No, they don't.
They're at two separate schools.
But now, Maxwell just started at a different school
than where he was before.
And so now we get to take the bus together
because it's on the way to where Finnegan goes to school.
That's really cool.
OK-- where are you going?
What are you doing?
Where you going, bud?
He's going to play.
And what prompted this?
Is that how they greet each other all the time?
We just didn't have as much--
we usually don't have as much time to pull out our phones
and get it on video, but they're definitely huggers.
And they hold hands while walking all the time.
And they love to dance together.
And they have this secret language amongst themselves.
They're like little dolphins.
They squeal and chat.
But they know what they're doing,
and they know what they're saying.
Look, Maxwell--
Do you want to go swimming?
Look over there.
There's Finnegan and Maxwell.
Do you want to go over there?
You just want to look from here?
Because Finnegan likes to do whatever he wants.
Where you going, Finnegan?
Want to come back up here?
Want to sit next to me, Maxwell?
Because this has obviously been viewed so many times.
Because this is what the world needs right now,
is to see people treat each other like this.
I think that's why everybody--
Can you clap?
I mean-- and that must make you both feel so good,
that this is what your kids represent.
It does.
Yeah, it really does.
Out of any video to be out there,
it just had such a great message.
And we love that it's been shared so many times and making
people feel so good.
Now, do y'all hang out a lot now you've become friends
because of the kids being friends?
We're together a lot.
All the time, basically.
And before this video, we were together
for three nights in a row.
So the boys had seen each other for three days consecutively.
So they were really excited after those two days.
He's putting the thing up his nose.
Finny, can you keep that out of your nose, please?
The plane is going up the nose.
Keep it out of your nose.
Yeah, this is a tel--
It's a television show.
Can I hold that?
Don't ruin your image.
This is really important.
Well it's just-- I mean, the reason we had you
here is because it is such a great message to send,
and such a beautiful image to see
those boys run to each other and love each other like that.
And I'm hoping that they continue
to be friends and grow up and have this bond.
We have toys for them because I know they both love trucks.
All right, let's go over there first.
What's over here?
Maxwell, what's over here?
Look at this.
Oh my goodness.
Look at that.
Look it's your truck.
Look, it has your name on it.
You can go together!
This one has your name on it, Finnegan.
You going to get in?
You going to drive it?
All right.
Look at that.
Isn't that fun?
Look at you.
All right, so now y'all can just run right into each other.
We don't want this anymore.
On the sidewalk.
And because this is our eighth season partnering
with our friends at Shutterfly, they
want to start a college fund.
So they're each getting checks for $10,000.
Oh my God!


Ellen Meets Adorable Viral Hugging Toddlers

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