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All I want is to give my all to you now,
All I want is to show you I made a vow.
Simply; all that really matters to me,
Is to share, all my love, but I can't.
If it is fate, then I'd like to think you are the one that I have been destined to be with.
But to tell, could destroy, everything we have had…
so I'll keep it locked inside.
Though we may be close, we've never seemed so far apart,
Pounding like the oceans waves; against the beat of my heart,
I'll just give in… I won't ever give up on
Plucking all the petals from my flower!
Somehow I have lost the key, my treasure box of meaning
Shining brightly like the stars; the sparkles of my feelings.
Hiding, faintly, floating all their colours
as I watch them falling with my own eyes!
When our eyes meet, please do not look away!
Just a little lie; hidden deep within but please stay!
I'm a little out on the boundaries of this love,
But it'll be fine, if we keep it quiet for now…
It's hurting me…
For I love you so much, it's frightening me.


日本動畫 人渣的本願 OP 噓の火花(說謊的火花) English (ENGLISH COVER Uso no Hibana KUZU NO HONKAI OP Shellah ft MrLopez2112)

141 分類 收藏
Naphtali 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 19 日
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