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You're gonna fry our brains?
Can't believe I nerd flirted with you.
I can.
Gamer's got game.
Hank, we have to do something.
- Other than eat the food pellets. - Oh.
He's making me eat it.
I am not even touching the controller.
Do something, Dr. Colosso.
I am.
I'm gonna watch all the fun!
Great plan, son!
You really got this villain thing down.
Maybe seeing his family with bunny brains will get Max here.
Then I can fry his brain too.
Yeah you will! Wait, what?
You don't wanna do that to Max.
Of course I do.
He turned you into an animal.
No, that's his dumb dad.
Max is cool!
He's like the evil son I never had.
I'm the evil son you never had!
You make a better rabbit than you do father.
Son, I see you're upset.
So why don't you let me out and we can talk about this over ice cream.
My body can't process milk!
Which you would know if you were around!
Balfour, it must have been so hard growing up without a family.
Please, tell us all about it?
It was awful.
I was so alone.
You know what happens when you ask a video game to tuck you in at night?
It says, "bee-buh!"
But I guess a life
playing video games did allow me to hone my instincts.
Like being able to sense a sneak attack!
Well, welcome Maxi!
So happy that you could join us!
Sorry, guys.
I tried.
That was very brave of you, Max.
Stop loving him!
OK, Thundermans.
You're about to get seriously stupid.
Max, what are you even doing here? I thought you were with the Z Force.
I left.
I realized I couldn't put anything before family.
Oh, it's begun!
Prepare for bunny brains!
This is it.
Everyone hold hands.
We will go down the way we lived.
As a family.
[music playing]
I love you all.
- I love you too, Mom. - I love you too, Mom.
Bye, Phoebe.
Goodbye, Max.
[electric buzzing]
- What's happening with your hand? - I don't know.
It's like a power.
[electricity crackling]
- Max, you don't think... - Twin power?
Let's give it a shot.
No, what's going on?
You can't use any powers. I'm the gamer, I'm in control!
[electric buzzing]
Not anymore.
[music playing]
[audience cheering]
- Everybody OK? - Yeah!
The blast was so strong it shorted out the chips!
Quick, pull 'em off your necks!
We had a twin power all along.
Seeing your family in mortal danger must have unlocked it.
No, I'm pretty sure we just never held hands before.
I will have my revenge!
Don't think so.
Game over, Balfour.
My name is Bal-
Hey, you actually got it right this time.
Come on, Balfour.
You can spend the rest of your life playing video games in Hero League Prison.
Oh wait, wait, wait.
- You can't fly Balfour to prison. - Why not?
Yeah, why not?
The only reason he did all this is because he grew up without a family.
As annoying as all of you are...
I can't imagine life without you.
Aww, well...
As much as we appreciate that, Max.
We still have to do something with him.
I have an idea!
Also, I'm alive!
Thanks for caring.
There might be another form of punishment for him.
[suspenseful music playing]
I'm a bunny?


霹靂雙胞胎 (The Thundermans Family Says a Final Goodbye | Nick)

163 分類 收藏
姵伶 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 18 日
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