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Battlestar galactica is getting rebooted, again?
(upbeat music)
So, say we all, the cult sci-fi show Battlestar Galactica
is coming back to the small screen.
According to the folks over at Deadline,
it was revealed on Tuesday that as part of NBC's upcoming
streaming service Peacock.
Yes, you've heard that right,
their service is called Peacock.
The beloved series would be getting an overhaul
from the Mr. Robot creator, Sam Esmail.
For now, lets put the discussion on why
a streaming service is called Peacock
on the back burner, and instead get into that
sweet, sweet, Battlestar Galactica news.
The cult property has seen
several iterations since the 1970's.
At it's core B.S.G. chronicles.
The space battle between humans the
robot race known as the Cylon's.
Who basically have night rider eyes.
We guess you could say, its about a war in the stars.
A star's war, if you may.
The original series ran in 1978,
and had a short lived sequel in 1980.
The aptly named Galactia 1980.
While the show never really rose beyond
cult status at the time,
it was rebooted with a mini series in 2003.
Followed by a show on the Syfy channel.
Fans were awed by the gritty and realistic
scope of the reboot series that outlined
the brutal war of extinction.
The robotic Cylons wish on humans.
With incredible drama, special effects, and action.
And while there is debate among fans on whether or not
the finale stuck the landing.
It still has a fervorent,
and well deserved place in many of our hearts.
Which is why, the news of this reboot was a mix
of trepidation and excitement for die hard B.S.G heads.
As we mentioned earlier the series will be headed
by the creator of Mr. Robot, Sam Esmail.
While there is not much to go on yet,
we guess if someone is to tackle the Cylon's again,
it's a creator of a show called Mr. Robot.
Esmail himself took to Twitter to alleviate some
fears in this world of seemingly non-stop remakes,
reboots, and re-imagining.
Saying, BSG fans, this will NOT be a remake of the
amazing series @RonDMoore launched because..
why mess with perfection? Instead, we'll explore a new story
within the mythology while staying true to the spirit
of Battlestar.
So say we all.
Exclamation point.
So, this sounds like this iteration of the show will be
more along the lines of HBO's upcoming Watchmen series.
Not a remake, but more of a remix, or a sequel.
Of course, spin offs are no stranger
to the Galactica universe.
From the aforementioned, Galactia 1980 sequel
to the origial series,
to prequels like Caprica,
and Blood & Chrome.
But what will this new series look like?
Well, we can guess that it will have
a lot of negative space.
That is a Mr. Robot joke, if you were wondering.
While details remain sparce,
the announcement of the B.S.G reboot is following
the seemingly never ending nostalgic train that studios
are continuing to chase.
In addition to Battlestar,
NBC is getting in on the action with reboots of
80's shows like, Saved By The Bell, and Punky Brewster.
Which were also announced along with
the introduction of Peacock.
Peacock appears to be setting itself up as a formidable
threat in the streaming field.
Leaning heavily on their back catalog of hits like,
The Office, and Parks and Rec.
However, considering that Seinfeld is headed to Netflix.
Plus the fact, that Friends and The Big Bang Theory
will be on Warner Brothers streaming service HBO Max.
Peacock will definitely have a bit of an up-hill battle
to climb once it launches.
Honestly, the news about Battlestar is just the
latest salvo in the streaming wars.
With a new entrance like
HBO Max,
Disney +,
Apple tv +,
and now even non media companies,
like Tinder...
Yes, the dating app.
And Cosctco..
Yes, the wholesale warehouse company.
Entering the streaming media game,
we will just have to wait and see who comes out on top.
But, what do you folks think?
Will you be signing up for Peacock, to get the new
Battlestar Galactica?
Or watch re-runs of The Office?
What do you think will happen in the new series?
And when do you think we'll start seeing
bundles of streaming services?
Lets discuss.
Thanks again, to Borderlands 3
for sponsoring today's episode.
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and bigger than ever
with four new vault hunters
and over 1 billion guns,
it's time to lock, load, and loot.
Pick up your copy on Xbox One, PS4, or PC now.
Let's make some mayhem.
Rated M for Mature.


Battlestar Galactica is Getting Rebooted… Again?!? (Nerdist News w/ Markeia McCarty)

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