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Hey there!
Welcome to Life Noggin!
Getting enough sleep is important for your health.
Aside from being tired, without a sufficient amount of sleep, your risk of illnesses like
depression, type 2 diabetes, and breast cancer can increase.
So in order to have a good night's rest, what should you avoid before bed?
James: AHHHH!!!
Blocko: Oh, Hey James.
James: Don't hey James me!
Life Nugget!
I was just sleeping at my desk and a giant portal brought me here!
Blocko: Well, um, i need your help talking about Things You Shouldn't Do Right Before
James: Yeah, Number one: Don't get sucked up into a giant portal!
Blocko: Sorry about that.
Um, it's just, You weren't answering your phone!
James: Yeah you nerdy lego man, because i was sleeping!
I don't have my phone on me before I go to bed.
Blocko: Hmm, well why is that James?
James: Well, looking at electronic screens before bed can make it harder for you to fall
For instance, most visible light can reset the human circadian rhythm, blue light is
especially effective at this because it is better at suppressing melatonin - a hormone
that tells your body when it's time to sleep.
James: Hey!
Wait, did you just trick me into being in this video?
Blocko: Oh Please keep going!
You were crushing it!
You know so much about sleep!
James: Well I am very good at sleeping.
Blocko: James?...You okay, buddy?
James: Research also shows that blue light is better at elevating heart rate, reducing
sleepiness, and enhancing attention and alertness.
In addition to screens, you should also avoid any activity that's mentally stimulating
or stressful., You know how they say don't go to bed angry?
Well fighting before bed elevates your stress hormones and can make it more difficult to
fall asleep.
Hey we did a whole video on that!
You should also avoid drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes before bed, as alcohol
has been found to cause sleep disruptions throughout the night,, We also did a video
on that!
Oh and cigarettes - which are terrible for a multitude of reasons - contain the stimulant
nicotine, which increases the time it takes to fall asleep and reduces the total sleep
In addition to avoiding drinks like beer or coffee before bed, you may also want to steer
clear of fatty foods.
Foods high in fat have been found to lower sleep efficiency and REM sleep, while increasing
slow wave sleep.
James: But there are some foods that may actually help you fall asleep, though there is limited
clinical evidence from primarily small studies., One of those foods is milk, which contains
nutrients with potentially sleep-promoting properties.
Others are any foods containing tryptophan or group B vitamins, both of which help your
body produce serotonin, which creates feelings of calmness and drowsiness.
There have also been several breathing exercises suggested to help you fall asleep.,, The theory
behind them is that they help you concentrate while reducing stress and anxiety - common
causes of insomnia.
BLOCKO: While there have been few studies on their
effects, a 2011 literature review study concluded that diaphragmatic or deep breathing is an
effective treatment for reducing stress and anxiety.
Other effective treatments they found include progressive muscle relaxation and transcendental
So once your done watching this, put down your phone, and take some deep breaths.
You should be asleep in no time!
James: Or stay up and watch more videos while you overthink every moment of your life!
Blocko: No, James that's- that's not good advice.
James: I didn't say it was, but that's probably what they're gonna do, Life Nugget!
Blocko: Hey, are we friends?
I can't tell.
This is a weird relationship.
[James Snoring]
Sooubway Sandwiches
Wear Your Seatbelt
So how long does it take before you go to sleep?
Are you someone who stays on your phone a lot, or can go to sleep immediately.
Lemme know in the comment section below, or tell me, what should James and I talk about
I have a lot more portals I can send his way.
Thank you so much to James from TheOdd1sOut for being in this video.
He makes really funny videos, and the poor guy only has like 12 million subscribers.
James: What a nice story we got their.
I'm- I'm just gonna set it down and watch it from time to time and not change it one
bit, but then a sequal comes along and says "oh you thought the characters were gonna
live happily ever after?"
As always my name is blocko, this has been life noggin, don't forget to keep on thinking!


在你睡覺前絕對不要做的事 (Things You Shouldn't Do Before Bed ft. TheOdd1sOut)

264 分類 收藏
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