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You say that she ruined your wedding. 2
How? 3 00:00:03.863 --> 00:00:06.610 line:15% Yes, I had already been going through enough. 4 00:00:06.610 --> 00:00:07.890 line:15% Things had taken place prior 5 00:00:07.890 --> 00:00:09.890 line:15% to the night prior to the wedding. 6 00:00:09.890 --> 00:00:12.810 line:15% First of all, my mother made me late for my wedding day. 7
We had a lot going on in that morning. 8
My mother decides to go get hair done 9
right before I had to be at the church. 10
My father was the one that had to drive me 11
to go get her. 12
So he's holding my hand while driving my vehicle 13
to go pick her up. 14
I paid for both her and my sister 15
to have their hair done. 16
She decides, even on top that, 17
to be selfish to get her hair done 18
and not my sister. 19
She takes flowers out of the bouquet 20
that I made and places it in my sister's hair 21
and calls it a hairdo. 22
Then she comes to the wedding, 23
and she decides she wants to catch 24
the Holy Ghost-- What do you mean 25
she waits 'til right before the wedding 26
to go get her hair done? 27
Like day of the wedding. 28
She was supposed to be scheduled 29
to have her hair done the day prior to the wedding. 30
I had already paid for everything. 31
The only person that should've been going 32
to see their hairdresser was me, 33
and to have my makeup and all the other touch-ups done. 34
She decides the day of that she was 35
gonna go get her hair done. That's the first 36
I'm hearing that. 37
That's the first I'm hearing this stuff here. 38
So well, is that true? 39
That's the first, no, it's not true. 40
It's not true. 41
You didn't have your hair-- No it's not true. 42
Done the day of the wedding. 43
I had my hair done the day of the wedding. 44
Me and Tiffany went together. 45
And I said-- We went together? 46
We were in there together. 47
The day before-- 48
We were in 49
the hair dresser's-- Because I got my hair done 50
for my bachelorette party. No, I remember this. 51
So I had a bachelorette party on my wedding day? 52
Tiffany, yeah, not in your wedding day. 53
You had the night before your wedding day. 54
Exactly. All right. 55
And you was supposed to have your hair done then. 56
So you were three hours late for this? 57
Yes. No she wasn't. 58
Yes, I was. No, she wasn't. 59
People were leaving the church. 60
Oh, my God, no, she wasn't. 61
We weren't that late. 62
Wow. It wasn't three hour 63
long, you. 64
Did you wear a white dress 65
to your daughter's wedding? She saw it 66
'cause I talked to her in Ross' 67
when I was picking out dresses 68
and I was sending 69
her pictures of it. Wow, wow. 70
Of that white dress. 71
So I was okay my mother wearing a white dress 72
when I'm supposed to be the only one 73
that should be wearing white? 74
I wasn't trying to upstage you. 75
I was so happy 76
and proud of you. So catching the Holy Ghost, 77
catching the Holy Ghost and shouting and falling out 78
in front of the-- Because I was singing, 79
you know what? 80
You know we raised in church. 81
So as, when I say-- You were not raised 82
in church. 83
Yes, I was. 84
Yes, I was. There's no way possible. 85
From a child up. 86
You were raised in church. 87
Okay, you-- I sure was. 88
Well, what were you doing? 89
You said she got the Holy Ghost 90
and started dancing around. 91
'Cause I'm thinking about. 92
And what were you doing at the time? 93
I was holding my husband's hand. 94
We were supposed to be starting our ceremony, 95
and I'm squeezing his hand like, 96
Lord Jesus, help me. 97
Was this during your vows? 98
Yes, this was in the middle of us, 99
we were to exchange vows. 100
So you're exchanging your vows, 101
and your mother did what? 102
She decided she wanna get up there, 103
have good things to say about me. 104
So they passed the mic around 105
right before we're about to exchange vows. 106
And she somehow, somebody thought it was a good idea 107
to pass her the mic. 108
Oh no, oh no. 109
Tiffany, the pastor said-- And what did she do 110
once she the mic? Oh my goodness. 111
She decided the first thing that I knew 112
where it was about to go left 113
was when I, she was standing behind me 114
with my bridesmaids, and she says, 115
"And this isn't gonna be a love song." 116
Well, what is it supposed to be on my wedding day? 117
So she starts singing, 118
and she gets about two words-- I sang 119
a gospel song. Into the lyrics. 120
His eyes on the sparrow. And I touched 121
everybody's heart. 122
And she starts, and then she just drops the mic. 123
"Woo, thank you, Jesus." 124
And then my dad as always comes in 125
and just takes her away, like, oh, poor Wanda. 126
Like, no, you just took 127
the light off of me. It's not poor Wanda. 128
And you deal with the mother? 129
It's because what you went through the day before. 130
That's what made me get excited. 131
This is the one that's married 132
to a man that don't deserve her. 133
You're gonna tell me what I deserve? 134
But you don't deserve him. 135
I told him that a many a time! 136
Then why didn't you leave? 137
He knows everything, sister! 138
he knows everything! He don't know. 139
Nothing has happened for a long time. 140
Okay, hold on, hold on. 141
So I'm trying to get the picture right here, and. 142
Don't do this to me! 143
Oh, I am. 144
Okay, hold on. 145
I'm sorry, I get animated. 146
I get animated, I'm sorry, Dr. Phil. 147 00:03:47.210 --> 00:03:48.560 line:15% I've noticed that.


‘I Wasn’t Trying To Upstage You,’ Insists Mom Who Denies Ruining Daughter’s Wedding

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林宜悉 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 18 日
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