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  • We have one more pipe to weld before lunch.

  • I'm so hungry. My lunch is getting cold.

  • Do you smell that? It smells likes gas.

  • Oh no! Someone turned on the gas too early. We've not finished welding yet.

  • Go! Go! We have to get out of here!

  • Do not light your welding torch!

  • What? I cannot hear you! Get to work guys!

  • Run!

  • Thank you! You are a brave fire truck! What's your name?

  • My name is William Watermore!

  • Oh, hi! My name is William Watermore and I'm a fire truck! You can call me Will. I hope you are ready to see what fire trucks do!

  • Watermore! Enough shower time! There's a dumpster on fire!

  • Yes, captain! No time to wait! Let's get to it!

  • Hurry William! The fire is getting out of control!

  • Please stay back!

  • Thank you, Will!

  • No problem! It looks like someone dumped paint illegally and it caught on fire. I will ask the fire marshal to investigate.

  • RADIO "All engines respond"

  • - See later, George! - Be careful, Will!

  • We've got no time to waste! There is a fire on the highway! A truck carrying pressurized propane tanks has lost control.

  • Be alert! All of these tanks are on fire!

  • Oh no! Everyone move back!

  • The fire is out of control! We have to move back!

  • Thank you, Will! I can't believe I lost control carrying propane tanks.

  • No problem! Be careful next time.

  • My water tank is getting low. We need to go back to the fire station to refill it.

  • Let's go, guys! No time to lose! A warehouse with fireworks is on fire!

  • Be careful team!

  • - Help us! - Hold on cars!

  • Please help my friend. He is still inside. His name is Jack.

  • Jack! Jack! Where are you?

  • Jack!

  • Jack! I am a firefighter.

  • I'm here.

  • Jack! Jack! I can't see you!

  • I'm behind this wall.

  • Stay back!

  • Hurry, Jack! The ceiling is collapsing! Follow me!

  • Go with Jack. Tell the captain I need help!

  • Help! Captain, Will is stuck in the warehouse!

  • Come on Roger, Watermore needs our help!

  • - Thank you, guys! - No problem. We're a team and we help each other no matter what.

  • Looks like our job here is done. I'll give you a ride home.

  • My name is William Watermore and I am a Real City Hero!

We have one more pipe to weld before lunch.


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B1 中級 美國腔

威廉-沃特莫爾的消防車-真正的城市英雄(RCH)|兒童視頻 (William Watermore the Fire Truck - Real City Heroes (RCH) | Videos For Children)

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