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hello everybody and welcome back to another episode of frame arms girls
season 2 as you already know my name is Estelle and it is great to see you guys
again on our premiere episode, we talked about our adorable FA girl by who but
today we have something entirely different in store for you guys couldn't
make it and have to miss C3 AFA Singapore last year or maybe you could
have forgotten everything that has already happened fear not we are here to
help you jog your memory here is the C3 AFA Singapore 2018
recap episode my co-host ash so happened to be at C3 AFA last year so I'm gonna
handle reins over to him this time around Ash,
kotobukiya had a booth at C3 AFA Singapore which took place from November 30th to December 2nd 2018 at
the Suntec city Singapore there were plenty of new and old Frame Arms girls
for sales such as the Materia and the Hresvelgr, there were also exclusive items
available as well there were even limited-edition FA Girl
goodie bags on sale for the first time - did you manage to grab your favourite
FA Girl and Megami device there. Hardcore fans who queued up early in the morning
to grab the ethical goodie bags were lucky enough to snag some meeting and greet
passes they had the opportunity to get up close and personal with our guests from Japan
fans who took part in a meet and greet received a handful of snacks from
FA Girl voice actresses Erii Yamazaki and Rika Abe, look like everyone had a
fun time
at the Akiba Stage fans had the opportunity to play games with our
guests and win some prizes were you lucky enough to take part in the
rock-paper-scissors event the frame arms goal main stage took place on the Friday
the 30th now voice actress guests were on stage to share with us more about the
frame arms girl anime that concluded earlier last year they also performed
two songs for us as well the first song was ISAYOI NO MANGETSU
and the second song was Full Scratch Love
producer Sugiyama even came down for this special occasion he shared
with us the first teaser image for the upcoming Frame Arms Girl movie
The movie will be airing in Japanese theaters later this June
[Speaking in Japanese]
last but not least we have a short interview with not just one but two
saves first up we have Rika Abe who voices the Hresvelgr and we have
Erii Yamazaki who voices the Materia sisters in the series. Now this is something
we have so much more fun content to share with you guys but unfortunately
this is all the time we have left for today. As always be sure to LIKE share
and subscribe to our Channel and remember to click the bell button to
keep yourself up to date with the latest information on all things FA girl if you
like to check out our previous video be sure to check it out over here you could
also get to know me and I ash a little bit better
by checking out all social media links down below until then my name is Vanessa
Estelle and on behalf of Ash, we're signing off


機甲少女官方頻道 第二季 第二集 - 亞洲動漫節2018新加坡 (Frame Arms Girl Official S2 Ep 2 - C3AFASG2018)

103 分類 收藏
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