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  • President Obama: You been having fun? Kid President: Yeah!

    歐巴馬總統: 好玩嗎? 孩子總統: 好玩!

  • President Obama: Come on, so this is the oval office right here.

    歐巴馬總統: 來吧! 這裡就是白宮總統辦公室

  • Kid President: Cool President Obama: I think you should try to

    孩子總統: 酷! 歐巴馬總統: 我覺得你應該試著去

  • sit behind the desk so you look even more official.

    坐在辦公桌後面, 會讓你看起來更有樣子

  • Kid President: Hello? President Obama: Is anybody on there?

    孩子總統: 哈囉? 歐巴馬總統:有人在嗎?

  • Kid President: Nope! President Obama: Okay, well let's make sure

    孩子總統: 沒有! 歐巴馬總統: 好吧! 確保

  • not to cause an international incident. Kid President, what grade are you in?

    不要引發國際事件 孩子總統, 你幾年級阿?

  • Kid President: Third! President Obama: Third?

    孩子總統,: 三年級! 歐巴馬總統: 三年級嗎?

  • Kid President: Mhm President Obama: Third grade?

    孩子總統,: 恩 歐巴馬總統: 三年級嗎?

  • Kid President: Mhm! President Obama: This is a telegraph.

    孩子總統: 恩 歐巴馬總統: 這是電報

  • Kid President: Telegraph, what's a telegraph? President Obama: So, well a telegraph,

    孩子總統: 電報, 什麼是電報? 歐巴馬總統: 恩, 電報

  • it used to be before there were phones, before there was the Internet, before there was Youtube,

    在有電話之前, 在有網路之前, 也在Youtube之前

  • there was a telegraph and that's how you communicated from far away!


  • How's school going? Kid President: Good!

    在學校還好嗎? 孩子總統: 很好!

  • President Obama: It's going pretty good? Okay because I know you got all these other activities,

    歐巴馬總統: 都很好嗎? 好吧! 因為我知道你有許多其他的活動

  • so much demands on your time trying to balance being president and being in the third grade,

    許多請求, 還要試著去當個總統跟當個三年級生

  • you know, that's a lot of stuff! Kid President: Mhm!

    你知道的, 這有很多事! 孩子總統: 恩!

  • President Obama: But you seem to be handling it pretty well!

    歐巴馬總統: 但是你似乎處理得很好

  • Kid President: Very well! President Obama: This is a program from the

    孩子總統: 非常好! 歐巴馬總統: 這是一個活動

  • March on Washington where Dr. King spoke, you heard of the "I Have a Dream" speech?

    進軍華盛頓, Dr. King在那演說, 你聽過我有一個夢想的演說嗎?

  • So this is the original program. Somebody gave that to me.

    這是原創版, 有人給我的

  • Of course there's Abraham Lincoln, one of the most famous and one of my favorite presidents.

    當然 "Abraham Lincoln" 是其中一位最有名也是我最喜愛的總統之一

  • Kid President: Mine too! President Obama: The, uh, any advice for me

    Kid President: 我也是! 歐巴馬總統: 阿! 有什麼建議給我的嗎?

  • as just an ordinary president as opposed to Kid President?


  • Kid President: Hmm, I have one, well it's not really advice, it's just how you are doing.

    孩子總統: 恩! 我有一個, 也不是真的建議, 你所做的

  • You're doing awesome! President Obama: You think I'm doing awesome?

    你做的很棒! 歐巴馬總統: 你覺得我做的很棒?

  • Kid President: Mhm! President Obama: Thank you, that means a lot to me.

    孩子總統: 恩! 歐巴馬總統: 謝謝, 這對我來說很有意義

  • I think you're doing awesome. So both of us we got a lot of responsibilities

    我也覺得你做的很棒. 我們都有很多責任

  • but we're handling our business. Kid President: How can kids and grown-ups

    我們處理很多工作 孩子總統: 小孩要怎麼和大人

  • work together to change the world? President Obama: The most important thing we can all do

    一起合作改變這世界? 歐巴馬總統: 最重要我們可以做的事

  • is to treat each other with kindness and respect. Alright, so kids, they

    是對待其他人仁慈和尊敬, 所以孩子們

  • can learn right away in school and on the playground to be nice to each other and

    可以在學校裡學會正確的方法, 怎麼樣在操場友善的對待別人

  • if you see a kid being picked on you make sure you stand up for them and treat everybody fairly, you

    如果孩子跟你同一隊, 你確保可以跟他們站在一起而且對待他們都是公平地

  • know, no matter what they look like or where they are from, and if you start learning to do

    知道嗎? 無論他們長得怎麼樣他們從哪裡來, 如果你開始學習怎樣去做

  • that as kids and everybody is respectful of each other and nice to each other, then

    這樣孩子們和大家都會彼此尊重並且友善的對待其他人, 然後

  • when they grow up they'll be doing the same thing and we'll have a lot fewer problems,

    等牠們長大, 他們也會做同樣的事, 我們的問題就會變少

  • don't you think? Kid President: Yeah.

    你覺得呢? 孩子總統: 是的

  • President Obama: I think that makes sense. This is the Emancipation Proclamation that

    歐巴馬總統: 這是有意義的! 這是奴隸解放宣言

  • Abraham Lincoln signed to free the slaves. And this is a bust of Dr. Martin Luther King.

    Abraham Lincoln 為奴隸的自由簽署的. 然後這個是Dr. Martin Luther King的

  • You keep on doing the great work that you're doing, I'll try to do my best,

    你保持好好的做每件事, 我也盡力做好我的,

  • between the two of us we can kind of get things going in a good direction.


  • Now even though we're presidents can we still hug? Is that okay?

    即使我們現在是總統, 我們也可以擁抱嗎? 可以嗎?

  • Kid President: Yup! President Obama: Alright I just want to make sure.

    孩子總統: 可以! 歐巴馬總統: 我只是想要確認一下

  • Thanks man! Kid President: You're welcome!

    謝謝你阿! 孩子總統: 不客氣!

  • President Obama: You work hard in school too, give me a high five!

    歐巴馬總統: 你在學校也很認真, 來擊掌!

  • Kid President: Nice to meet you! Jay Carney: How are you doing?

    孩子總統: 很高興認識你! Jay Carney: 如何呀?

  • You having a good day? Did you see the president? You did? That's awesome!

    今天愉快嗎? 你有看到總統嗎? 有嗎? 真是太棒了!

  • Kid President: Hi man! [off camera]: What did he say?

    孩子總統: 你好阿! [攝影師]: 他說什麼?

  • Kid President: He said "hi" we just small talk.

    孩子總統: 他跟我說嗨, 我們有小聊一下

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    SoulPancake Subscribe!

President Obama: You been having fun? Kid President: Yeah!

歐巴馬總統: 好玩嗎? 孩子總統: 好玩!

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