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  • Hi guys.

  • In this video I'm going to show you how to read large numbers in English.

  • So, can you read this number?

  • No?

  • Okay, let me show you.

  • It's quite simple.

  • In English, we have the labels 'trillion,' 'billion,' 'million,' thousand.'

  • To read the number, you read the three numbers, and then the label below.

  • So, this number is One hundred twenty three trillion, four hundred fifty six billion,

  • seven hundred eighty nine million, one hundred twelve thousand, three hundred forty five.

  • That's it.

  • If the number is smaller, for example if it starts here in the millions, you just read this.

  • Seven hundred eighty nine million, one hundred twelve thousand, three hundred forty five.

  • Okay?

  • So let's practice.

  • This is a large number, this one starts in the billions.

  • So we have, nine hundred eighty seven billion, six hundred fifty three million, two hundred eleven thousand, five hundred thirty two.

  • Six hundred seventy five million, two hundred thirty three thousand, one hundred five.

  • Twenty one million, three hundred five thousand, nine hundred eighty nine.

  • Four hundred and eight thousand, nine hundred and two.

  • Eight million, four hundred twenty thousand.

  • Fifty eight thousand, four hundred twenty one.

  • Two thousand, nine hundred fifty.

  • One thousand, four hundred.

  • You can say fourteen hundred also.

  • Okay, so if somebody asks you the population of your country, 'how many people are in your country?'

  • Lets look at some examples, so I'm in California, so the population of the United States is:

  • three hundred nineteen million people.

  • The population of Japan right now is about one hundred twenty six million people.

  • The population of Korea is about fifty million.

  • And the population of China right now is one billion, three hundred eighty five million.

  • Now, in this case, we sometimes put a decimal point here and round it.

  • So, for example, the population of China is one billion, three hundred eighty five million, or, one point four billion.

  • Okay, one point four billion (1.4 billion).

  • So, a house in California, that house is about two million three hundred thousand dollars ($2,300,000), or two point three million dollars.

  • Okay so here is the chart with the labels.

  • And, hopefully you can read a large number like this now.

  • Three hundred seventy eight trillion, two hundred fifty five billion, six hundred eighty fourteen million, twenty five thousand nine hundred eighty four.

  • Okay?

  • Have a good day!

Hi guys.


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第4課:如何用英語讀大數,如何用英語讀大數。 (Lesson 4: How to Read Large Numbers in English, 大きな桁の数字を読む方法)

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