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  • The "Do-nothing" Democratic extremists have gone so far left

  • that they believe it should not be a crime

  • to cross our border illegally and it should be a crime

  • to have a totally appropriate, casual, beautiful, accurate

  • phone call with a foreign leader.

  • I don't think so. President Trump

  • made a totally unsubstantiated claim about Hunter Biden

  • and his father. It's not unsubstantiated,

  • you crooked son of a guns, it's 100 % true.

  • [Crowd cheers]

  • Joe's son Hunter got thrown out

  • of the Navy, and then he became a genius on Wall Street

  • in about two days. By the way, whatever

  • happened to Hunter, where the hell is he?

  • And your father was never considered smart,

  • he was never considered a good senator,

  • he was only a good vice-president because

  • he understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass.

  • [Crowd cheers

  • Now, now. Yeah, that's right.

  • How do you think Joe Biden and his, uh

  • [Crowd boos

  • How do you think his son's feeling right now?

  • Right after embezzling a lot of money,

  • taking a lot of money, the crookedness right,

  • he's not looking too good either.

  • Yeah, maybe "lock her up" goes to "lock him up"

  • I don't know. "Lock him up",

  • I don't know, I like "lock her up"

  • a little bit more butThank you.

  • That's a good idea, I like that idea.

  • [Crowd chants "Lock him up!"]

  • "Congresswoman" Omar

  • is an America-hating socialist. She minimized

  • the September 11 attack on our homeland!

  • How do you have such a person

  • representing you in Minnesota?

  • I'm very angry at you people right now!

  • As you know, for many years,

  • leaders in Washington brought large numbers

  • of refugees to your state from Somalia.

  • Without considering the impact

  • on schools, and communities, and

  • taxpayers. I promise you

  • that as President, I will give local communities

  • the greater say in refugee policy, and put in place

  • enhanced vetting and responsible immigration control.

  • We will always protect American families first.

  • And that has not been done in Minnesota!

The "Do-nothing" Democratic extremists have gone so far left


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唐納德-特朗普在明尼蘇達州集會上抨擊比登斯、索馬里難民和伊爾汗-奧馬爾。 (Donald Trump hits out at Bidens, Somali refugees and Ilhan Omar at Minnesota rally)

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