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  • - [Narrator] This is Oliver

  • a Humboldt penguin,

  • named after the Humboldt Current in South America.

  • It's estimated that less than 12,000 remain in the wild.

  • (gentle music)

  • His size may not show it, but Oliver is a fully-grown male.

  • Humboldts are distinguished by their black backs

  • and tails, and by a black band across their chest

  • that runs down the body.

  • Found along the coast of Peru in Chile, Humboldt penguins

  • live on the rocky mainland, shores, or coastal islands.

  • They have a body made to swim.

  • Using their strong wings, they get up to

  • 17 miles per hour underwater.

  • They love their fish, especially small ones,

  • like the anchovies and herring that they hunt for

  • in the coastal waters, where the Pacific meets

  • South America.

  • Unlike Arctic penguins, they live in warm weather climates

  • and in large colonies as a collective defense

  • against predators.

  • The biggest threat to these little guys are

  • entanglement in fishery nets, human encroachment,

  • and habitat loss.

  • This is the Humboldt penguin.

  • (gentle music)

- [Narrator] This is Oliver


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B1 中級 美國腔

洪堡企鵝為生存而滑行。 (The Humboldt Penguin Slides for Survival)

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