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  • - How do you create a part of a person

  • that feels like it is a part of them?

  • So that they can not just like get by,

  • but so they can express their self

  • with the limb that they have,

  • they can feel good about it, they can feel sexy, inspired,

  • and most importantly shows that having a limb difference

  • is not something that necessarily stops you.

  • (bright upbeat music)

  • My name is Seth Kane, also known as Dr. Adventure,

  • and I am the founder and CEO of The New Flesh Workshop,

  • but most of my friends just call me Doc.

  • - [Interviewer] Just to clarify,

  • you're not actually a doctor?

  • - I am not actually a physician or a PhD.

  • (bright upbeat music)

  • The New Flesh Workshop is something I started in 2007

  • just in my mom's garage.

  • What we do is develop various types

  • of prosthetic add-ons and customizations

  • by medical implant devices and various types

  • of wearable technologies for human enhancement.

  • There's been several firsts that have

  • come out of The New Flesh Workshop.

  • As far as I know we're the first company

  • to make a ballistic case mod for a prosthetic leg.

  • That's a cool piece, we can make a prosthetic

  • that'll stop nine millimeter rounds.

  • We've created for, you know, a couple hundred dollars

  • a DIY solution for missing your ear on the outside

  • and still being able to hear without having

  • to go though multiple major surgeries

  • and having holes drilled in your skull.

  • Do I consider myself a mad scientist?

  • I consider myself a fairly happy scientist actually.

  • A lot of my inspiration comes from stories,

  • comic books and sci-fi.

  • The writers of these kinds of stories

  • are always looking at what could happen next.

  • But they don't know really how to do it

  • but I think at some point somebody has to be like,

  • "No, no, I'm gonna like, Jules Verne was right

  • "I'm gonna build a submarine."

  • Somebody's gotta do that

  • and that is probably the thing that really

  • gets me up in the morning with a smile on

  • to go and make something happen.

- How do you create a part of a person


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冒險博士正在製作仿生人。 (Dr. Adventure is Making the Bionic Man)

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