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  • One tweet is putting at risk the NBA's multi-billion-dollar opportunity in China, while upsetting basketball fans at home and abroad.

    一則推特讓 NBA 在中國的數十億商機岌岌可危,且讓美國本土與中國的球迷皆悒悒不樂。

  • It was sparked when Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey tweeted his support for Hong Kong protesters.

    起火點為休士頓火箭隊的總經理 Daryl Morey 發布了一則支持香港抗議群眾的推特。

  • The NBA stands out from other U.S. companies and that it didn't kowtow to China's pressure, whereas other companies have.

    NBA 在美國的各公司中突出,因它沒有叩首於中國的施壓。

  • They'll say, "Sorry," they'll express regret at what's happened.


  • The idea is for them to get their relationships with the Chinese.


  • What's been interesting with the NBA is this backlash from American consumers has made that much more difficult for them.

    關於 NBA 有趣的是,美國本土消費者的強烈反對讓他們更難做決定。

  • This dilemma is heightened even more as China could overtake the U.S. as the world's largest retail market as soon as this year.


  • So can U.S. brands reconcile its values and Chinese money?


  • The Houston Rockets are one of the most popular NBA teams in China.

    休士頓火箭隊是在中國最著名的 NBA 球隊之一。

  • Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming spent his entire NBA career in Houston.

    中裔籃球傳奇姚明整個 NBA 生涯都在休士頓。

  • A lot of American companies have made a really big deal out of China in the past few years.


  • It's that sort of premier growth market, it's where they see a lot of their expansion in the coming years.


  • Today, China has 300 million basketball players, nearly as many people as there are in the U.S.

    今日,中國有 3 億的籃球玩家,已快要等同於美國人口。

  • In July, Chinese tech giant Tencent, which is the official broadcaster of NBA games, paid at least $1.5 billion to extend its streaming deal with the league.

    七月時,中國科技巨擘騰訊,也是 NBA 的官方轉播公司,付了 15 億美金 (約 459 億台幣) 來延長它的轉播權。

  • The team tried to distance themselves from Morey, who said he didn't mean to offend anyone, but the damage was done.

    火箭隊本身試著切割表示沒有想要冒犯到任何人的 Morey,但傷害已經造成。

  • Billions of dollars are now at stake.


  • Chinese companies, sponsors, and the Chinese Basketball Association suspended ties with the Rockets.


  • The national TV broadcaster decided to not air two upcoming NBA games and said it would reconsider its partnership with the league.

    國家電視台決定停播接下來的兩場 NBA 賽事,且表示會重新考慮與 NBA 的合作關係。

  • Tencent reported that 490 million Chinese people had watched an NBA basketball game last year.

    騰訊表示去年至少有 4.9 億中國人至少看了一場 NBA。

  • That's a huge deal.


  • The NBA's initial response called Morey's tweet regrettable, but that drew swift criticism from U.S. politicians on both sides of the aisle.

    NBA 一開始表示 Morey 的推文令人遺憾,但此舉引來美國兩大黨議員的砲轟。

  • The usual way that U.S. companies navigate through, and this is true of companies outside the U.S. as well, is to give in, effectively.


  • They'll apologize or back down in whatever way they can without breaking laws in their home country.


  • In June, Nike withdrew a shoe collection in China after its codesigner brand supported the Hong Kong protesters' demand to kill an extradition bill that sparked the protests.

    六月,Nike 在中國下架了一款鞋款,因其共同設計品牌支持香港撤除「逃犯條例」而引來中國抗議。

  • The luxury retailer Tiffany apologized for a tweet that Chinese netizens saw as pro-Hong Kong.

    名牌 Tiffany 因中國網民將它們一則推文視為挺香港而道歉。

  • Covering the right eye has become a symbol of police brutality after a woman was shot in the eye by police.


  • The NBA took a different stance.

    NBA 則選擇不同立場。

  • We are not apologizing for Daryl exercising his freedom of expression.

    我們不打算為 Daryl 行使自由言論的權利而道歉。

  • What they're facing is the difficulty between their U.S. base of consumers, who don't really want them to apologize for expressing an opinion on Hong Kong, against their new Chinese consumers.

    NBA 面臨的難題是,美國本土消費者並不想要他們因對香港議題表達意見而道歉,而這與新興中國市場的立場相反。

  • They've faced a clash between the two groups.


  • The NBA is discovering that it's impossible to have it both ways.

    而 NBA 發覺這事情已無法兩全其美。

  • The league's strong brand in the U.S. could be tarnished if its executives are seen to be in Beijing's pocket.

    NBA 這強大的美國品牌的管理階層若向中國低頭可能會給品牌帶來污點。

  • I think it's gonna be completely impossible to avoid these scandals completely.


  • Essentially, it's balancing the freedom of speech of your employees and the people associated with your company against what Beijing wants in your fastest-growing growth market.


One tweet is putting at risk the NBA's multi-billion-dollar opportunity in China, while upsetting basketball fans at home and abroad.

一則推特讓 NBA 在中國的數十億商機岌岌可危,且讓美國本土與中國的球迷皆悒悒不樂。

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