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  • My name is Ashley Parker-Roman. I am a senior at Drexel University where I'm studying Communications

  • and I served four years in the U.S. military where I directed helicopters.

  • I came back from the military feeling like I could do just about anything but it was

  • a really tough adjustment period for me. I just needed a place to give me the support

  • and the confidence to move forward.

  • No one else in my family has ever gone to college. I'm the first one.

  • I've been dreaming about this since I was a kid and finally, come June 13, it's gonna

  • happen. And I'm really proud. I'm really excited.

  • My name is Chester Curtis. I am a sophomore at Edmonds Community College and a combat

  • veteran. I just finished up my associates degree in energy management and I'm currently

  • working on my transfer degree to get accepted into Central Washington University.

  • I'm engaged and I'm expecting a baby boy and right now, I'm interning as a project engineer.

  • It definitely is a lot to juggle.

  • We have to ultimately decide what's best for our family and that may be stepping back from

  • school and going in to get a full-time employment elsewhere.

  • Chester is a perfect example of some of the barriers that are facing the student veteran

  • population. So, for example they're more likely to be married, more likely to have children,

  • more likely to have to work, and this generation of veterans makes the transition from military

  • to civilian life with disabilities at a rate unprecedented in U.S. history.

  • Much of our understanding of those issues is anecodtal. We don't have the scientifically

  • driven insights we need. The Google Global Impact Award positions us to go out and get

  • the data we need to empower and support veterans to succeed in higher education.

  • If you look back to the post-World War II generation of Veterans, more than 8 million

  • of them were educated as a consequence of the post-World War 2 GI Bill. From that group

  • came three Presidents, three Supreme Court Justices, 14 Nobel Prize winners and more

  • than 450,000 engineers

  • I think we have that opportunity again.

  • The goal of this project really is to position individuals like Chester and the many hundreds

  • and thousands of other veterans to ultimately become successful graduates like Ashley.

My name is Ashley Parker-Roman. I am a senior at Drexel University where I'm studying Communications


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退伍軍人教育,谷歌全球影響力獎 (Veterans' Education, Google Global Impact Award)

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