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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Idioms 281. The idiom today is " to hit the
ground running. " Okay Let's look at the note here. If someone hits the ground
running, he or she begins something with a lot of energy or enthusiasm , right from
the very beginning. Right from the very start, especially if they do it well.
That's the way we say it. So somebody begins by you know, hitting the ground
running. Okay. Let's continue. They say there are three possible origins for
this idiom. The first one is to do with troops or soldiers, basically dropped
into a combat zone from a parchute which does seem to make sense because
you know as they're landing and they're getting close to the ground they you
know they sometimes try to run with the landing.So they hit the ground running.
So it does actually make a lot of sense, but it may be the least like ... the least
likely since some citations have been found in the late 1800s and the early
1900s before planes were used. So if it was around before planes we used than
maybe it's not really the origin. Although if it's not the origin, they may
have helped popularize it more, so that it lasted this long. You know from, from
soldiers, but anyway let's look at the second one. The second possible origin is
the ideas of hobos or stowaways on trains who may jump off the train just
before it gets to the station, as it is slowing down. So they don't get caught.
Yes technically it's illegal. If they wait till they pull into the station and
then they find them in the train, they may get arrested. So they may jump off as
it's slowing down just going near the station. This way they don't get caught.
So they may, they may also have to hit the ground running. Moving while the
train is moving. So that's the idea. Okay. And the third possible origin was
connected to the Pony Express. This was the
really early days of the post office, when mail was delivered by horseback, not
a mailman. But well technically I guess he was the mailman. Or by horseback riders
would hit the ground running in order to change mounts.
I guess they met up with another one and they switched from different areas. You
know, and continued on. I guess still delivering the mail. Okay. We hit the ground
running in order to change mounts in a prompt way without wasting time. So I
guess it really could be any of these. Even though probably the last two or
more likely. Okay and we have three examples here. Exactly, you know, the way
we use it today. So the first one is the boss expects, expects us to hit the
ground running on this project. All right. That's a typical way you might
hear it or number two. We need to hit the ground running. They expect us to have
this building finished within six months, so we need a good start. We need to you
know, have a lot of enthusiasm. A lot of energy right from the very start. And
number three here. I'm going to send Bob Johnson on this assignment. I can always
count on him to hit the ground running. You know a lot of energy, enthusiasm,
right away. Okay. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for your
time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Idioms (281) Hit the Ground Running

37 分類 收藏
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