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Back then, in Mega Man X3...
100 years later...
X: This place...
X: Zero was sleeping here...
Weil: Hehehe! Not bad, X!
Weil: For a mere fake, your power is great!
X: A mere fake?
Weil: Those Resistance losers just decided to call you "X" for some reason...
Weil: You may be X in a way, but you are just a reproduction!
Weil: Omega himself is the one and only, the Legendary Reploid Zero.
X: If he is the original Zero... Why is he your slave?
Weil: He is a bloodthirsty god of destruction!
Weil: All I did was upgrade him to draw out all his power.
Omega: I am the Messiah! Hahaha!!
Weil: Alright, Omega Or should I say, Original Zero...
Weil: Time to finish this stupid fake robot once and for all!
X: How pathetic you are, Weil...
X: Using Zero's body is not enough to defeat me.
Weil: W...What?
X: Zero's body is nothing but a borrowed vessel in Omega's posession.
X: The only who can use its maximum potential is Zero himself.
Weil: Why you... You insolent junk robot!
X: My body may be a copy, but my heart is still the same.
Weil: Argh! Omega, get rid of him!!
X: That makes me who I am...
X: The one and only...
X: Are you trying to... reactivate Omega?
X: Dammit!
Weil: Hehehe... Watch, but don't interfere.
Weil: Don't forget...
Weil: ... I hold the lives of all humans and reploids in my hand!
X: Erk!
Harpuia: Master X! Are you alright?! Come on, stand up!!
Fefnir: Hey!
Fefnir: It's payback time, Omega!
Leviathan: Time to straighten the record!
X: You guys!
Harpuia: Weil is trying to bluff you...
Harpuia: He can't do anything in his current state.
Weil: Grr! Dark Elf!
Weil: Shut them up!!
Dark Elf: ...X...!
Omega: What is it, Dark Elf?!
Zero: Her curse...
Zero: Dark Elf's curse is fading...
Weil: Who the hell are you??
Zero: It's me, Weil. The Original Zero. Just like a century ago.
Zero: I helped X to defeat this Omega then...
Zero: And we saved the world from your rotten hands.
X: Just like... a century ago?
Zero: The defeated Omega is using my original body.
Zero: That's all.
Zero: X's body may be a copy...
Zero: But his heart is what matters.
Zero: Alright, now's the time. While the Dark Elf's power is weak...
Zero: Time to finish what you started 100 years ago, X!
Weil: X, don't to it!!
Weil: That's Zero's body! Don't you have any mercy??
Weil: Is Zero ready to spend the rest of his life as a cyber-elf!?
Zero: Shut up, Weil.
Zero: Your opinion is unnecessary, just like your existence.
Zero: NOW, X!
???: X...
???: Wake up, X...
Zero: Can you hear me, X?
Zero: I've wasted almost all of my energy...
Zero: I can't... stay much longer... in this world...
Zero: X...
Zero: I'm leaving this world... in your care...
Zero: The threat Weil represents isn't over yet...
Zero: You must... protect humans and Reploids...
Zero: You can... do it, X... You're the... world's... true hope...
Ciel: X, wake up!
Ciel: X! Ah, what a relief! I was so worried about you...
Soldier: Master X! You've regained consciousness!
Soldier: What a relief...
Soldier: Hey! Everyone!
Soldier: Master X is awake! He's all right! Yahooo!!
X: Is this... the Resistance Base?
X: Who could have...?
???: ...X...
X: Dark Elf?
X: No, wait. You are...
Cerveau: She brought you back here.
Mother Elf: ...X...
Ciel: What a warm, gentle light...
X: Mother Elf...
X: Seems like Weil's curse is finally over.
X: Where is she going?
Ciel: She's finally free.
Ciel: Weil still exists, but let's let her go in peace for now.
Ciel: X, Zero told me about you.
X: Really?
Ciel: You may already know, but...
Ciel: Even if your body is a copy...
Ciel: As long as your heart is your own, you are X.
Ciel: The one and only, Mega Man X.
X: Ciel...
X: Thank you.
Ciel: ...X!
X: It's only me...
... I am...
... X.
You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
As long as X is alive, the world will be at peace.


洛克人 X vs. Omega Zero (X vs. Omega Zero - Remastered Audio)

133 分類 收藏
林宸右 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 14 日
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