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Maci: I have the world's longest legs.
Shopping for clothes, I can never find any that fit me.
Trish: That is so cute. It fits you well everywhere else.
Maci: So, the world record is Ekatarina Lisina from Russia
and she has 52 inches from the hip.
Trish: So she's an inch longer than the current Guinness world record holder.
Maci: My height is six nine and my legs are 53 inches.
Trish: We will be contacting the Guinness Book of World Record
to have them come and measure her officially.
Alright, so the out seam is measured from the top of the hip bone
and we go down to, you got that all the way on the top?
Okay 53".
And then her in seam 43 on the nose.
So 53 and 43
she's always had long legs.
I used to think I had long legs but not anymore.
She's got most of her height I think in her legs versus her body that's still very tall.
So we need six eggs and a cup of flour, a cup of milk and a dash of salt.
I think I realised that she was taller than the average kid at
about 18 months because she stood about a head above the rest of the kids.
Maci: Some advantages of being tall when like you're in a crowd,
and you're with friends and you can't find them or I can just look over everyone
be like, there she is.
Tirsh: Alright pour it in.
Maci: Disadvantages of being tall hitting your head, getting into cars ...
Male Speaker: All that batter oh yeah.
Maci: Finding clothes. Yeah that's about it.
Cameron: I'm 6 5". Both my parents are 5 6" to 5 8"
so there's a wild gene in my side of the family
I guess somewhere because I got the height gene Maci got it as well.
Trish: There's been like four or five years that she's grown like five inches in a year.
So we started way down here, probably
shortly after we moved in.
So we moved in here June of 2012.
Cameron: She's been right up at that 6 8", 6 9" level for
At least a couple of years now.
Maci: Going to public spaces a lot of people stare
and they take pictures without asking.
And it's kind of annoying.
On today's shopping spree, I'm hoping to find some back to school clothes.
Some T-shirts and shorts, or comfy clothes.
Trish: So one thing she does not like to do as a girl,
which I find totally crazy is she hates to shop,
as you will see when we are out and about
that shopping for her is harder than the average girl.
Maci: Shopping for clothes, I don't wear certain things like jeans
because I could never find any that fit me.
Elizabeth: The hardest part about finding clothes for
girls that have longer legs or especially have the longest legs
are going to be that our sizes run small, medium, large,
so it'd be really difficult to have something specifically tailored for her.
Trish: You look cute,
I mean they fit you everywhere other than then being too short.
Cady: Yeah you roll them [inaudible].
Trish: I think they're cute.
They fit you well everywhere else.
Cady: Just don't do the half fold, half under roll button.
Trish: You don't like to have rolls
Maci: What's going on?
Cady: I've known Maci for like, actually my entire life
except for like, a month since I was born in February and she's born in March.
Sarah: When she got taller than my sister
who's four years older than all of us, I was like, Oh, wait a minute.
That's different.
Maci: I don't really think about my leg length.
I mean, it's cool, I guess,
but like, I'm just tall that's it.


I’m 16 And Have The World’s Longest Legs | TRULY

63 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 11 日
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