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  • I've seen many love stories.

  • Filmy, one-sided, epic.

  • But my favourite, if a little tragic, is the love story of Panda and Moose.

  • You're dangerous. In a sexy way.

  • - Sexy? - Chaudhary!

  • My great grandma made chilli pickle here.

  • My chilli's turn now. Shall I pickle you?

  • Cheap pick up line!

  • I can't share you.

  • You'll only solve my problems.

  • Besides you, who'd I want to impress?

  • I'm fully pregnant.

  • How's that possible?

  • I told you: "Don't be a smartass. Use a condom."

  • Aditi, we can't risk it again. We have Ishaan.

  • Everyone say: "Aishi!"

  • Like love stories ending in tragedy, I'm the villain making this love story tragic.

  • Getting divorced?

  • Panda, I'll stay with you. Moose drives me nuts.

  • It's your lungs.

  • You have something called Busulfan lung damage.

  • A serious condition.

  • Am I going to die?

  • How could I ask - do I give birth to you or have an abortion?

  • - I don't want to die. - Must we let her die?

  • She's your daughter, but she's mine too.

  • I don't know how to be there for anyone but Aisha.

  • According to you...

  • did everything for Aisha, I did nothing.

  • I've nothing to prove to you or anyone. Go to hell!

  • You'll see, Aditi, I'll be so rich, we won't need to worry.

  • When Aisha gets well, we'll rob a bank together.

  • They've lost it!

  • You, too.

  • Imagine if we had 11 kids!

  • Control, guys!

  • Their love story may be a hit or a flop, but I know I'll get the Best Villain award.

  • When did you and Dad first do it?

I've seen many love stories.


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