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Tim Martin: Okay so today we're going to mold and finish this Anubis head and what I want
to do is because this is going to end up being a one-time use hard object, I'm going to eventually
cast it out of rigid foam, but I'm also going to do a hard mold on top of it.
You do have a small window of opportunity as this plaster is setting up, because it
does set up fast, to actually almost kind of pseudo sculpt your wall, like I said pinching
your fingers together and kind of creating a 90-degree angle, but the firmer it gets,
the easier it is to do that and then all of a sudden it will get really hard and then
you're done.
It goes from an opaque and then when it starts to kick off, it becomes clear again before
it starts to rise. That's a good indication, when you know this is going to go off, is
when it starts to clear up again. Constantly rotating it will keep kind of let
gravity work with you.
Now we're out of the paint booth and I've done several layers of spray paints and what
I want to get into is some metallic dry brushing and then some washes, and then some dry brushing,
and then some detailed painting, so I kind of go back and forth. First thing I want to
do is, I want to do some dry brushing on this to make it a little bit more gold and a little
brighter on the high points.
The reason I've decided to go with grey and not black is because I figure also this black
is very, very clean pristine color and I want this to look old so may be the original black
is faded into a dark grey. It'll probably still read as black but I never really use
white or black when I'm painting anything. It just seems so obvious as a paint job. If
you feel like you can back over at it again with washes, you can go back over it again
with some of the gold, bring out some of the highlights, but I think that I'm very happy
with the end result.


如何製作生物道具-模具,鑄模和油漆-預覽 (How to Make Creature Props - Mold, Cast & Paint - PREVIEW)

140 分類 收藏
邱于嘉 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 10 日
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