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  • >> Shannon Shea: From the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, I'm Shannon Shea,

  • and this is Garage Monsters. The storyboard shows a sequence of caves with

  • Geckonikis launching arrows and spears at our protagonists. What I find useful is to

  • think of these pieces, or elements, as layers, so let's separate them from the back to the front.

  • Okay? Now, let's get rid of the cave.

  • Once your creature is designed, it's good to determine a scale for him. I'm going to build mine

  • about 19 inches tall, and the reason I go with something that tall is because I don't

  • want my miniature sets and everything to get too big, so it's a nice manageable size.

  • It's good to take a piece of tracing paper and put it over your drawing to build a blueprint like this.

  • This will help you design the armature that's going to go inside of your puppet.

  • I'm going to screw one of the eye-hooks, but we're going to open the eye-hook with

  • a pair of needle-nose pliers, like this. You can take that and attach it to our shoulder

  • like so, and then close it up with a pair of pliers. You repeat that process with the

  • shoulders, upper arms and the upper legs. Again, if you're going to have a costumed

  • figure, I'm making a lizard creature right now, but if you're making a human figure

  • that you know that you're going to wardrobe later, you don't have to go to a really

  • refined ... these refined shapes. I know that I'm going to have a lot of lizard skin showing,

  • so I need to refine these shapes. I'm going to move from a big pair of scissors like this

  • to a smaller pair of scissors, like these little cuticle scissors that you can get from

  • a drug store. Alcohol on a paintbrush, and I'm just cleaning

  • up some of these inconsistencies in the Sculpey, and also using the power of the alcohol to

  • define some of these more delicate shapes. Obviously, the more time you spend refining

  • these shapes, the better they're going to be. Don't be afraid. After the alcohol evaporates,

  • you can always go back again and add more Sculpey.

  • I'm going to film this puppet many times with different weapons and doing different

  • things, and I'm going to have a whole tribe of lizard guys all for a fraction of the cost

  • of Avatar (laughs).

>> Shannon Shea: From the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, I'm Shannon Shea,


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車庫怪獸1 - 預覽 (Garage Monsters 1 - PREVIEW)

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