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  • I really love balancing stones.

  • Mostly because I think it's such a great way

  • to also balance myself.

  • And to create something beautiful at the same time-

  • Even though

  • a little wind is enough to make it look

  • like your sculpture never was there.

  • But in this moment,

  • as I try to find a tiny, tiny little balance point,

  • my thoughts are completely silent

  • and that's a very good feeling.

  • Sometimes it only takes a couple of minutes

  • to make a balance

  • and sometimes an hour.

  • But when it's done

  • I love to watch the stone balance.

  • It looks so still and quiet

  • in a world that is constantly moving.

  • Very often

  • I see people commenting that it's fake,

  • that it's impossible to do this

  • and that it's photoshopped or glue.

  • But I kinda get excited about those reactions,

  • because it's a proof that there is so much more

  • in this life than we could ever imagine.

  • If some people think that this is impossible,

  • Imagine then how many more things there is in life

  • that we still think is impossible

  • just because we never really tried it.

  • Just because we're already put the frames

  • on what is possible or not.

  • I also get a lot of questions about how to learn this

  • and my advice is:

  • Just go get out there, find some stones,

  • play around and have fun.

  • After a while, you will get to know the stones

  • and get a feeling of how to balance them

  • in the best way.

  • And you will learn to see which stones works best together.

  • You might spend a lot of time trying

  • to balance a stone that will never balance.

  • But you learn something every time

  • and it's a wonderful way of spending time in nature.

  • Depending on what kin of stone balance you're doing,

  • the balance point can be really tiny

  • So the movements that you do

  • while adjusting the stones

  • to find the balance point are so tiny

  • that you can barely see it with your eyes,

  • you just feel it with your hands.

  • And when you finally find that tiny balance point,

  • the gravity will be there for you

  • to hold your stones together.

I really love balancing stones.


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