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  • This episode is supported by SimpliSafe.

    這一集是由 SimpliSafe 贊助拍攝。

  • Which of these three faces do you think is the oldest?


  • A, B or C?

    A、B 還是 C?

  • The answer is actually none of them, because none of these people were ever born.


  • These faces were all generated by artificial intelligence.


  • Now, thinking about artificial intelligence, look carefully at these two paintings.


  • Which of these does your mind think is created by AI?

    你們認為哪一幅是由 AI 創作出來的?

  • Is it painting A or painting B?

    是畫像 A 還是 B?

  • Give up?


  • The clue is in the signature.


  • The AI seems a bit busted on this one.

    AI 的這幅簽名看起來有些許破綻。

  • But someone loved it as it went at an auction for $432,500.

    但還是有人喜歡這幅畫,因為這幅畫以 432,500 美元成功拍賣。

  • To explain how these images are generated, let's first look at these images of fruit.


  • By now, you know that one isn't real, but is it the apples or the oranges?


  • If you said apples, you're right!


  • Essentially, a system is fed hundreds of images to learn from.


  • It's then split into two systems.


  • System 1's job is to create a convincing image of an apple,


  • and system 2 is designed to figure out which images of apples are fake.

  • This is known as a generative adversarial network.


  • If system 1 fails at tricking, it continues to evolve its apple designing skills,


  • and if system 2 fails at identifying the fake, it must also improve its ability to catch a fake.

  • This ultimately creates a feedback loop that generates extremely believable images.


  • Now, let's try to relax and listen to some music while you try to deduce which is composed by a computer.


  • Turns out that composition A is generated by a machine learning system called Emily Howell,

    結果是作品 A 是由名為 Emily Howell 的機器學習系統產出,這系統於 90 年代設計,並從音樂庫中學習去創作原創曲。

  • which was created in the 90s and learned from a library of music to create original pieces.

  • And composition B?

    那作品 B 呢?

  • That's by Johann Sebastian Bach.


  • A larger library of music will give the machine learning networks more data to learn from, and the same is true for video.


  • Because we upload such huge amounts of video content online,


  • neural networks have begun to create convincing fake videos.

  • Here's a video of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

    以下的影片是美國第 44 屆總統奧巴馬。

  • People not trapped by our past, but able to remake ourselves as we choose.


  • But today, our immigration system is broken, and everybody knows it.


  • And here's another.


  • It's been less than a week since the deadliest mass shooting in American history.


  • And foremost in all of our minds has been the loss and the grief felt by the people of Orlando.


  • Which of these two are real?


  • Video A or B?

    影片 A 還是 B?

  • Known as a deep fake video, video B is generated using AI.

    影片 B 是利用 AI 的技術製做的,稱之為深度偽造 (Deepfake) 的影片。

  • With over 14 hours of footage from the president's weekly addresses, neural network AI is able to model the shape of Obama's mouth,

    總統每週演講超過 14 小時,而神經網路 AI 有了這些影像便能夠對歐巴馬的嘴巴進行建模,再使用歐巴馬以前演說的音頻。

  • and uses audio from one of Obama's previous addresses.

  • But can AI generate convincing synthetic audio?

    不過,AI 可以製做出令人信以為真的合成音頻嗎?

  • Listen to this phone call.


  • How can I help you?


  • Hello?


  • Hello, what's up, man?


  • Hey, um, I wanted to know what are your hours for today?


  • 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

    早上 10 點至下午 6 點半。

  • Okay.


  • Got it.


  • Thank you for your time.


  • No problem sir.


  • Bye.


  • Can you tell which of the callers is human?


  • Voice B, the voice you hear asking about the hours the business was open, was fake.

    聲音 B,詢問工作時間的那把聲音是偽造的。

  • We're relying more and more on technology today, which is making our lives easier.


  • Much like SimpliSafe, the sleek new home security system who sponsored today's video.

    就像時尚嶄新的家庭安全系統的 SimpliSafe,他們贊助了今天這支影片。

  • We bought a house recently and finally realized what it feels like to go anywhere and be like, okay legit we're probably gonna be robbed right now, and the stats are in.


  • America has a robbery every 15 seconds, most of which happen while you're at work.

    在美國,每 15 秒就有一宗盜竊案,而大多數都是在你上班的時侯發生。

  • So join our new zen life by going to simplisafe dot com slash asap and ease your mind.


  • Importantly for us in our new pad is that it looks cute.


  • The design is awesome, it's intuitive to set up and use, you barely notice the sensors are there,

    這個設計真的是很讚,整個在設置和使用上都非常的簡單,難以發現感測器的存在。而且我們還很喜歡有一點很酷的是,出門沒關門會提醒你,因為像 Gregg 就常常發生這種事。

  • and we like that it does cool things like remind you if you left the door open because Gregg literally does that all the time.

  • He leaves the door wide open when he leaves.


  • In the event of an actual break-in, it can immediately contact the police.


  • We literally just set up our own at home, and it's just one of those things where you get like peace of mind knowing that it's there for you.


  • And it can even tell the difference between a pet and an intruder!


  • So go to simplisafe dot com slash asap to get yours today and make sure you subscribe for more videos every Thursday.

    今天就到 去購買,還有確認你有訂閱頻道才可以收看每星期四上傳的影片。

This episode is supported by SimpliSafe.

這一集是由 SimpliSafe 贊助拍攝。

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