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  • Hi, this is Todd Phillips. I'm the director of "Joker."

    嗨,我是 Todd Phillips。我是《小丑》的導演。

  • So, this scene is interesting, because it's right after a life-changing cataclysmic event in Arthur's life.

    這一幕很有趣,因為它正巧發生在 Arthur 經歷人生巨變之後。

  • And he's found this little, kind of rundown park bathroom to go in and collect his thoughts and get himself together.


  • What's interesting about this scene to me is it's entirely different than what we had scripted.


  • In the script, Arthur was to come into the bathroom, hide his gun, wash off his makeup, and staring at himself in the mirror, like, "What have I done?"

    劇本中,Arthur 應該進入廁所、把槍藏起來、把妝洗掉,然後看著鏡子自問:「我做了什麼?」

  • And when we got to the set on the day, Joaquin and I just sort of stood around, like, huh... this doesn't really seem very Arthur.

    當天到了現場後,我和 Joaquin 隨意討論過後,都認為這很不像 Arthur 的行為。

  • Why would Arthur care to hide his gun?

    Arthur 怎麼會在意要把槍藏起來?

  • And we really kind of tossed around a million ways to just do something different.


  • And it was about an hour into it, and I said, "Hey, you know, I got this piece of music from Hildur..."

    然後大概過了一小時後,我說:「嘿,我這裡有一首 Hildur 譜的曲...」

  • Hildur Gudnadottir is our composer, and she'd been sending me music throughout, while we were shooting.

    Hildur Gudnadottir 是我們的編曲,我們在拍攝過程中,她會不斷地傳曲子給我。

  • And I just wanted to play Joaquin this piece of music and...

    我當時只想放這首歌給 Joaquin 聽,接著...

  • Joaquin just started to dance to the music, and it was just me and him alone in the bathroom.

    Joaquin 就開始隨音樂起舞,當時只有我們兩個在廁所裡。

  • There's 250 people on the crew waiting outside.

    外面有 250 位工作人員在等著。

  • And he just starts doing this dance, and we both kind of look at each other and said, "OK, that's the scene."


  • It made sense to us because when I first met with Joaquin and we first started talking about "Joker," I talked to him that Arthur is one of those people that has music in him.

    這對我們來說相當合理,因為我和 Joaquin 初次見面討論《小丑》時,我告訴他 Arthur 是那種體內流著音樂的人。

  • So music and dance became a theme in the film.


  • And this is the second time we see him dancing, and it's a little bit of Joker coming out, a little bit more than the scene before and a little bit less than the next time we see him dance.

    這是我們第二次看到 Arthur 跳舞,嶄露了一點小丑的模樣,比上一幕跳舞時多一點,又比下次見到他跳舞時少一點。

Hi, this is Todd Phillips. I'm the director of "Joker."

嗨,我是 Todd Phillips。我是《小丑》的導演。

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