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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 164. The verb phrase today is "fire
up. " Okay. Let's look at the note here. Well, actually we have four meanings of
fire up today and we're going to give the meanings and the uses, the exact uses. Some
example sentences for each one of them. So here's the first one.
One of the first meanings would be to light something. You know to actually put
a fire to it. To make it start to burn. So we can use fire up that way. So let's
look at the first example here. It's a cold day. Let's fire up the fireplace.
Meaning let's you know, let's put a fire on. Let's ... let's sit in front of the
fireplace and be warm. Let's fire it up. Okay. Or number two. Sherlock Holmes
was known for firing up his pipe. Yeah you could use it with things like for
smoking. So he could fire up a cigarette. Fire up a pipe and so on. Okay. And
this is probably how we got the second meaning here. The second meaning is kind of a
slang term to mean to smoke marijuana . Okay. So let's look at this one. In his free
time, he likes to fire up and mellow out. Yeah. A lot of people say that's why they
smoke marijuana because it makes them feel mellow. You know, as opposed to cocaine
which makes them feel more excited. He is a real pothead. All right. Sometimes we ... This
isn't really a nice name. This is, this is what you might call someone that you
think is a regular marijuana smoker. You might say he's a pothead. Also because we
have a lot of slang terms for marijuana and pot is another one. So we... a person
who smokes a lot of pot could be a pothead or a marijuana smoker. Okay. Let's
look at number three here. To feel passionate or excited about something.
All right. We say here. Tina volunteered to work on his campaign. Yeah. Maybe she's
very excited about a particular politician. She is all fired up to get
him elected. Yeah. So maybe she's willing to volunteer and work for nothing. She just
wants to get this candidate elected. All right. And
we have a second example here. The manager tried to fire up his team by
giving them a pep talk. Yeah. We often see this in the movies. Maybe before the game
begins. The manager will call the players around. He gives them a little talk you
know, hopefully he will fill them up with a lot of enthusiasm or excitement. We call
that a pep talk. So you might try to fire them up with a pep talk. Okay, And the
last one here means to start up an engine or a machine. We could also use
fire up in that way. It's freezing out I'll go fire up the engine. So of course
this engine is the engine of a car. And if you've ever lived in you know, the
northern hemisphere or America or even Europe in the countries where it's very
very cold during the wintertime and it's a really cold morning you understand
what they may need to do this. You got to warm up the car. So you fire up the engine. So
let's read it again. It's freezing out I'll go fire up the
engine. So the car can warm up before we go out. Otherwise it's freezing as soon as
it takes a while for the car to feel like it's running smoothly too. Okay. Anyway,
I hope you got it. I hope it is clear. I hope it was informative. Thank you for your time.


English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (164) Fire Up

51 分類 收藏
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