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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is prepositional phrase five. The prepositional

  • phrase today is "with bated breath. " Okay. Let's take a look at the note here. If

  • someone does something with bated breath, he or she does it

  • eagerly and with great anticipation. You know, very excitedly waiting for it or

  • almost like holding their breath waiting for it to happen. So that's what means. It

  • suggests that one is holding ones breath in suspense or fear. So they're probably

  • like (bated breath sounds ) kind of like that. That would be like with bated breath. You know just

  • before something happens. So they're they're holding their breath waiting.

  • Waiting to hear something. All right. Let's continue. The word "bated " in this

  • phrase is from an older abbreviated form of "abate" which we still have. It's a

  • formal word, but we still have the word abate today which means to become less in

  • intensity or less extreme. So it's really your breath which is actually coming

  • less in intensity. Because you're kind of (bated breath sounds ) kind of holding it like that. The origin

  • of the phrase comes directly from Shakespeare's, Merchant of Venice. Spoken

  • by the character , Shylock who was actually the bad guy in the play.

  • Shakespeare is given credit for coining this term. Okay. All right. And let's just

  • give several examples here. Example number one. That hopeful actress waited

  • with bated breath as they were about to announce the winner of the Best Actress

  • Award. And you know obviously she's probably one who was nominated for the

  • award. So she's looking in anticipation excited and (bated breath sounds ) you know, just before they

  • they announced it. Or number two. Fans looked on with bated breath as the

  • basketball went through the hoop to score the winning shot and win the

  • championship. So maybe somebody right at the last minute, the last second the ball

  • is in the air and it's going around ... especially if it circles around the hoop and

  • falls through. They're like (bated breath sounds) you know, and in

  • anticipation hoping that it goes through. Or number three here. Yeah. With bated

  • breath, she listens intently you know, very seriously as her boyfriend proposed

  • to her okay. Good. So anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it was clear. I hope it was

  • informative . Tank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is prepositional phrase five. The prepositional


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英語家教Nick P 介詞短語(5) 屏息凝神 (English Tutor Nick P Prepositionsal Phrase (5) With Bated Breath)

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