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We begin here in Hong Kong, which is reeling from some of the most dramatic scenes it has seen in years.
They want the government to completely scrap a bill.
Authorities fired tear gas and pepper spray.
We have been shot by rubber bullets.
We have been beaten up by the indiscriminate use of the batons of the police officers.
And more than 1,500 activists were arrested.
We're following breaking news in Hong Kong, where police say a protester was shot by an officer during violent demonstrations.
We have seen the erosion of the freedom of speech, the freedom of press.
We have 200,000 people took to the streets during the Umbrella Movement, but for now, it's 2 million people, 1/4 of Hong Kong's population.
My name is Denise Ho.
My name is Brian Leung.
I'm Nathan Law.
Joshua Wong, activist from Hong Kong.
I protest because I believe that autonomy and democracy are the fundamental values that Hong Kong people deserve.
I've been arrested for eight times, being prosecute(d) and jailed for three times.
I will just continue to fight until the day Hong Kong people can enjoy freedom and democracy.
A lot of Chinese propaganda wanted to depict Hong Kong citizens, Hong Kong protesters as rioters, but, in fact, we are a bunch of people who were forced to resist.
Before the protests, people probably knew me as the rebellious singer.
China's presence and its suppression in Hong Kong is phenomenal.
I was elected as the youngest ever lawmaker in Hong Kong in 2016, but under China's intervention, I lost my seat.
And more than 50,000 of the voters who voted for me also lost their mandate.
The protestors wear masks because they're afraid.
They're afraid of the totalitarian control by the government.
They are afraid of their identity being revealed.
I took off my mask on July 1st because I want to appeal to other protesters who might not agree with our tactics.
I want to show them actually behind all the chaos, there are demands.
There are young people who really are trying to, you know, make their voice heard.
The five demands of the protestors are:
We urge government completely withdraw the extradition bill.
Withdrawal of the characterization that, you know, protestors are rioters.
Independent investigative inquiry on police brutality.
Giving amnesty to protesters who have been arrested or prosecuted.
Finally, with our cause on free election.
Hong Kong is at the forefront of the clash of authoritarian and democratic values.
We are going towards an even more authoritarian world, actually, where we are seeing governments ripping the rights of their people very brutally.
Hong Kong is in the front lines of this very global fight.
I urge the US Congress to pass the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.
Human rights should not be override (overridden) by business interests or trade deal.
If you care about democracy, if you care about freedom and human rights, you should join hands with us.
And I do call for anyone in the international communities to wake up to the situation where we are seeing regimes taking away these rights from people.
And we should fight as one community in solidarity.



【人權教育】反送中運動!在香港為自由奮鬥的他們! (Unmasked: Meet the Hong Kong activists driving the global fight for freedom)

3188 分類 收藏
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