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-We actually had to run for our lives
when the eye came across.
And we had a good Samaritan
that saved about 50 people coming out of work.
Just my boyfriend and him they, like, pushed lampposts
out of the way, literally, to get people out.
And and left one of our neighbors, we lost our neighbor.
We left him there and he was there from Sunday,
when we reported him there and he's still there.
Yeah, the body's still there, swollen and everything.
You're on an island where you don't know what's going on.
You're not getting any sense of communication.
Everybody's saying this is gonna happen,
that's gonna happen.
It doesn't make no sense.
We really, really, really, need to get off this island.
It's -- the stench of death we walk through to get to the boat.
The stench of death is so bad.
A lot of people are saying, "Oh, they're evacuating."
But when we got to go there, it's,
"Oh, you go here first, go to the airport."
You go to the airport it's 120 people.
And nobody's giving you any idea of how to get on the planes.
Then they say, "Oh, a boat is coming."
You go to the boat, to the dock,
to find out if a boat is coming.
And they say, "No, we're not carrying cargo."
So we don't know what's going on.
We just want to know how to get out of here.
-From last night, we've been sleeping outside
right there on the floor.
On the floor, on the grass!
Same thing again tonight.
I only have these clothes, where should I go?
I don't have no where to go. I ain't got nobody else.
My mom is dead, my brother, my cousin.
-What happened to your family? -They dead in the water.
That body right there by the tree, that was my brother.
I went to just see mommy, mommy's still in the floor.
That's her passport, my mommy passport.
The whole bag, I just went back.
I find it in the floor.
My brother.
He dead in the water, in the hurricane Sunday morning.
The tourists don't have to come back,
because when they come here, they come spending.
Where the money they come spend?
They come spend it for us to build things here.
What they do with this?
What they build with this?
If something happen?
You know if that was in the States or Haiti,
you know so much things, so much help.
We don't have no help here.
-We have nothing. We get no help.
I ain't get no help. Nobody come help, nobody.
Nobody come help, nobody.
I don't know my children have no food, no nothing.
-You don't know where your children are?
-No my children are in Freeport, I come to work here.
-Okay. -Yeah and nobody come nothing.
They say nothing to nobody, today makes it six days.
Dead people right there by the church --
right there in the back there -- nobody come move them.
So you see how high that is?
The last door?
The water start go inside. The last door.
We hold the door and fight when the rain blow in
and things like that, we hold the door.
I think three or four people was died,
because the whole thing got over them.
You see?
They must be just move them bodies today.
You see one there?
Yeah, that's a dead body right here.
In six days and nobody reached there.
-It is very, very, very hard.
You can imagine we even can't, like, no more go
to no gas station.
We don't have no stores.
Any time to go to the store for us to get some food.
You understand?
With me, I lose everything.
But I can't go out for life.


With bodies still in the streets, Bahamians look for a way out of Marsh Harbour

30 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 7 日
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