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Nael 1: Hey, guess what I got a new car!
Nael2: congratulation, what is it?
Nael 1: A Renault Twizy
Nael 2 : A what?
nael 2 : oh come on, it is a great car! Come on i'll show you
The starting price for this car is 8,000 euros
For that you get a all electric car with two seats two glove boxes but no cup holder and no stereo
(sound of the electric motor)
So as you can see there's no windows
so I can do that
And today we are going throught a heat stroke emrh
heat wave, so...
I'm very glad it doesn' have windows so the air can come in
(sound of the blinkers)
You do need a driving license in France for this car
and it needs to be insured
and it has a top speed of...
80 km an hour
Wich is not bad because most roads are ...
unless you are on the highway
you are limited to that speed so...
I am fine with it
There is a few bumps
in my road
And it is a very bumpy car
I'm 20 km/h
ouki, 30 km/h
now that i am out of the city
i can try to go full speed
ok, my feet is down
that is the fastest I was able to go...
it would have been quicker on a flat bit
You definitely get looks by the people coming by because it is not a usual car
But I would recommend it
It's super easy if you have to go to the post office, go to do small grocery shopping
We went voting in in that car
you can find
charging maps and
Charging station pretty much everywhere in France now.
I know three of them four of them in the city i live in
You even get to experience the outdoors
I would not recommend it using it during
hay season
If you have allergies to pollen.
I had to get some medication yesterday because my eyes and my nose was we're
Floding me
The main issue with this car is that even when it's raining even if you do have some kind of window
You get water everywhere
Windows come in options. So if you are in a rainy country, make sure to get these
Because of its size it's also super easy to park
And because the doors slides up you can never get trapped inside your car
But what if I want to go picnic?
meh just put it through the window
So must agree that this is not the best-looking car ever
You might not get any girls with it
but it is a very easy car to ride
It has an automatic gearbox and because of the battery that is down there
the center of gravity is very low so it's a very stable car and
It's super easy to park, so go share this video with someone who doesn't know how to park
because this is a their dream car
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And we hope to see you next time


My minimalist and all electric new car | Crazydivers

216 分類 收藏
Nael 發佈於 2019 年 10 月 5 日
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