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What's up guys, Rogue-9 here! There has been a lot of talk in the Rainbow Six community
recently about allowing the BOSG.12.2 double barrelled shotgun to attach a magnified scope,
such as the ACOG or the new scope that was introduced on Gridlock's M249. You may have
seen concept art images such as this one floating around on Twitter and there have even been
video appeals from Blitz and random scientists, imploring the developers to add this option
into the game. If you haven't seen these videos by the way, I would recommend swinging
by Bikini Bodhi's Twitter and checking them out.
So, with such high calibre personalities throwing their weight behind this appeal there definitely
seems to be a lot of interest in adding a magnified scope to this shotgun. But what
do the in-game stats say? Would adding magnification to this weapon create an overpowered monster
of a gun that would break the game? How about we take a closer look and go and find out?
In order to assess the impact of adding a scope to the BOSG, we will look at the following
topics. First up I want to discuss the general risks
that come with adding scopes to weapons in Rainbow Six Siege. Then we need to consider
any rules the developers have that would prohibit this attachment before diving into the stats
and characteristics of the gun to see if a scope would have a negative impact. And last
but not least, I think it would also be worth comparing the gun to its closest competitors
before finally deciding on whether or not a scoped BOSG is justified.
There has definitely been a trend of removing ACOG access to several weapons in the game
over time; I mean, think back to the early days of Siege when you used to be able to
attach the ACOG to the SMG-11 which back then led to this gun being nicknamed the pocket
sniper. It was marginally ridiculous and as much as you could have a lot of fun headshotting
opponents from the other side of the map, with a scoped secondary, it was definitely
not an awful lot of fun when it happened to you. In line with this reduction of ACOG access,
we also saw the attachment removed from all 2 and 3 speed defenders. The design philosophy
for a while now has been that only 1 speed anchors should have access to magnified optics
on defence because there was a huge trend back in the day for 1 speed defenders, such
as Jäger, to rush away from the objective right at the beginning of the prep-phase (without
placing gadgets or reinforcing walls) just so that they could get to unexpected windows
or doors for spawn peeks and early kills. And it is undeniable that having a magnified
optic is very helpful in achieving that. Now, if this rule was still set in stone,
then the idea of a BOSG ACOG combo is pretty much done and dusted. Vigil is a 3 speed defender
and on top of that, his gadget is built for leaving the objective and roaming the map,
so the rule of only having ACOGs on 1 speed defenders would definitely apply. Here's
the thing though, with the release of Operation Ember Rise, Goyo joined team Rainbow and of
course he is a 2 speed defender who has access to the TCSG12 slug shotgun that can attach
an ACOG. The rule around ACOGs for 1 speed defenders only has definitely become a little
more flexible, so in theory, there is nothing that would strictly block the BOSG from getting
a scope. That's consideration number one out of the way: The rule that would have blocked
BOSG/ACOG from coming into the game is no longer in being strictly enforced; one hurdle
down, a few more to go! But there is of course still the question
of whether or not a scope on a roam focused 3 speed defender is a risk to the integrity
of the game, especially when it comes to spawn peeks and early kills. To assess that let's
remind ourselves of some of the key characteristics of the BOSG and then maybe let's compare
those to its closest competitors that already have access to magnified scopes.
The BOSG is a very unique weapon in Rainbow Six Siege. Back when it was first launched,
I was honestly not sure about how it would end up impacting the game. Would it become
known as a skill cannon that can allow top tier players to do really well or would it
just be a meme? Well, now that the gun has been in the game for almost 2 years, I think
it's safe to say that the answer to that question is that it is a meme, rather than
the high risk / high reward gun that it could have turned out to be at first glance.
As a double barrelled shotgun, it of course only has a capacity of two shots and even
though you can chain those together with a significant fire rate, the recoil has always
been the limiting factor here. Even at relatively close ranges, firing off two shots in quick
succession will pretty much guarantee that the second shot will sail clean over the head
of any opponent you are targeting. So realistically, you will only ever be able to fire one shot
at a time and for that reason, it makes perfect sense that the BOSG has a baseline damage
of 125 points. If we take the damage drop-off into account,
this means that the gun is capable of one-shotting 3 speed opponents at distances up to 15m,
while for 2 speeds that distance is 12m and for 1 speeds, it is 10m. If you throw some
Rook armour into the mix, then 3 speeds will become 1 speeds, while 2 and 1 speeds will
need two shots at all ranges. And those stats are actually quite important
already because as we can see, the BOSG has never actually been a great weapon for spawn
peeking. The one-hit-kill capability has a very limited range. 10-12m is nothing at all
really and even 15m is not enough for a proper spawn peek. If you want a guaranteed kill
with the BOSG, you're going to have to go for a headshot and that's not that easy
when you only have two shots to pull it off. Yes, an ACOG would help land those long range
shots and while the 64, 72 or 80 points of minimum damage to the body (depending on your
target's armour rating) will still sting a lot, I would argue that an easily controllable,
30 round, full-auto SMG has a much better chance of landing that crucial headshot or
even spraying down the opponent with multiple hits compared to what a two shot slug gun
with high recoil can deliver. So that's concern number two checked off
the list. The BOSG is ideally suited to relatively close ranges where the one-shot capability
comes into play and it is not really suited as a ranged peeking weapon.
Now let's round out our thought process by comparing the gun to its closest competitors.
Back when the BOSG was added to the game, I compared it to Glaz' OTs-03, since that
back then was the closest there was in terms of a high damage weapon. And so why don't
we start off the DMR class as a whole? Because of their very nature as semi-auto marksman
rifles, these guns all have access to ACOGs and while their damage is definitely a good
chunk lower than that of the BOSG, they are still comparable to a degree.
Close range damage is much lower of course, ranging from 60 for Dokkeabi's MK14 EBR
to 69 for Buck's CAMRS and Lion and Twitch's 417 and then of course also Glaz' OTs-03
at 71. Yes, those numbers are significantly lower than 125 BUT, the close range damage
is not really all that relevant to our discussion, since we are talking about magnified optics
and therefore the long range threat of each gun. The fact is that the damage drop-off
for these weapons doesn't even start until 25m and the BOSG already bottoms out at around
19 to 20m and if we look at that distance, then the difference in damage is really only
10-20 points or so; not all that much different! And if you then take into consideration the
much lower recoil of the DMRs, and the general capacity of 21 bullets versus just two shots,
then you would have to conclude that even with a magnified optic, the BOSG is still
vastly inferior to all of the different options in the DMR class.
But of course an even better comparison to the BOSG is the TCSG12. This is also a slug
shotgun and it is also available to defenders but instead of just two shots and crazy recoil,
this semi-auto weapon gets 11 shots in total and is far easier to control. To balance this
out, the gun has lower damage ranging from 84 down to 40 at 21m or more. And of course,
the TCSG gets an ACOG. When considering the threat of spawn peeks
or long range engagements, the TCSG is just always going to be the greater threat because
at these ranges, both guns will require multiple hits but while the TCSG is set up to be able
to deliver repeated hits, the BOSG really isn't.
So not only are there no real arguments against adding a magnified optic to the BOSG, I would
say that the comparison to all of the other non-auto weapons in the game actually makes
an argument for giving the BOSG and optic as well. All of the DMRs, the TCSG and even
the .44 Mag pistol already have access to high power optics and they are arguably far
more effective weapons at the ranges at which an optic would add any benefit.
And apart from all of the disadvantages we've already discussed, one huge aspect that I
noticed while playing with the weapon over the last few days was that this is pretty
much the only gun that doesn't really allow you to pre-fire. Pre-firing when peeking is
an incredibly valuable tactic in Rainbow Six Siege and even though full-auto weapons are
best suited to this tactic, all of the semi-auto competitors to the BOSG we discussed earlier
can still pre-fire quite well, due to their manageable recoil and reasonable ammo capacity.
The BOSG on the other hand, will never ever be able to pre-fire in any way, shape or form
and that makes peeking a known enemy infinitely more risky than it would be with any other gun.
The BOSG is and always will be a meme weapon.
I have hardly ever used the gun and personally I could not care less one way or another if
it gets access to some magnification. But having considered all of the different aspects
of this topic that I can think of, I would say that giving the gun a proper optic will
most likely not do any harm and considering that there are already far more effective
competitors in the game and that those guns all have access to one optic or another, I
think it only makes sense to show the BOSG a little love.
But hey, that's just my opinion. Are there any important considerations you think I missed
out? Let me know in the comments section below and why not go ahead and vote in the poll
in the top right hand corner now. Would you like to see the BOSG ACOG combo become a thing
in Rainbow Six Siege? Yea or nay? You decide! Thank you everyone for watching and I also
want to give a special thank you to those of you who have chosen to support the channel
via the membership feature. Kmax12 55, Kenneth Brady and especially I B recken and Overseer
Minty, thank you so much for your long running support. Ever since I have been streaming
on Twitch instead of YouTube, I don't ever really get to shout out you guys for the kind
support that you have been providing for up to almost a year and a half now. You guys
are awesome, thank you! And with that, I hope you enjoyed the video
and I will see you in the next episode!


BOSG.12.2是否該有acog (Should the BOSG.12.2 get an ACOG? - Rainbow Six Siege)

491 分類 收藏
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