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  • I'm gonna tell you how to overcome the fear of vlogging in public, and this is also going to help you overcome camera shyness in general and we're starting right now.

    讓我來告訴你如何克服恐懼在公眾場所拍攝 Vlog,這影片也會教大家如何在相機面前也能自在說話。馬上開始囉。

  • What is going on, my name is Nick.

    近來可好?我是 Nick

  • Welcome to another video.


  • If this is your first time here and you want to learn how to grow your channel, make videos and all types of there YouTube related stuff start now by subscribing and clicking the bell so you don't miss anything.

    如果這是你第一次看我的影片,如果你想知道怎麽讓你的頻道成長、如何拍影片或是 YouTube 的相關技巧,現在就訂閱並打開小鈴鐺,這樣就不會錯過任何影片。

  • Okay there's no doubt that vlogging in public can be extremely intimidating.

    大家都知道,在公眾場合拍 Vlog 是一件很可怕的事。

  • Because you have all these things going on in your head like oh well what if this person thinks I'm an idiot because I'm vlogging?

    因為你腦袋裡會充斥著這些想法,像是: 「噢,如果這個人覺得拍 Vlog 的人很蠢怎麼辦?」

  • What if this person thinks that I'm saying something stupid?


  • What if people start gathering around while I'm making a video and they start looking at me?


  • Then what's gonna happen?


  • And let's be honest, some people are gonna think that and if you're wanting to vlog out in public and you just can't overcome that right now

    說真的,有些人可能正有這種想法,如果你要在公眾場合拍 Vlog 的話,而你現在無法克服恐懼...

  • I'm actually gonna tell you some little hacks that you can do to make the whole process easier on yourself.


  • The very first thing is to record videos in clips because if you record your videos in clips kinda like I'm doing throughout this you don't have to stay there for a long period of time and have people looking at you for the entire time.


  • So you can just record it, hit it, get it, go.


  • Doing it that way can also help you organize clips when you're putting your projects together especially if you're doing like travel vlogs or just day to day life vlogs and you're not giving tips like I am.


  • It can really make a difference in being able to keep everything organized so that it makes your work easier.

    你會發現做這些動作後,每件事變得有條理,你就容易拍攝 Vlog。

  • And another thing that really helps me when it comes to doing this kind of stuff in public and it might help you as well is think of the people that are watching the video more than you're thinking of the people that are around you.


  • Here's what I mean.


  • Of course you want to be respectful to the people in your real world environment.


  • However, one thing that you can focus on that has been a huge help for me is think of what people are getting from watching your videos, think of the viewers that are watching your videos.


  • If you're doing any type of content where you might need to be outside to do it, there's a really good chance you're adding some type of cool or unique value.


  • For example, I'm sharing tips for YouTube.

    就像我現在在 Youtube 分享秘訣一樣。

  • If you're doing travel vlogs, you're showing people your experiences in places they might not ever see.


  • If you're doing normal vlogs where you're just around your home town or whatever, in that case you're also showing people insight into your life that they might be able to gain some type of inspiration from

    如果你只是想做一般性的 Vlog,不管拍攝地點是在家裡,或是其他地方也好,你必須分享獨特的人生觀點,讓觀眾從中得到啟示,

  • or that they might be able to get an additional thing that is of value to them.


  • Whereas the people that are around you, if you weren't vlogging you would just be walking past them without any communication whatsoever.

    不管你周遭是否有路人,如果你沒在拍 Vlog,你也只會不說一語地經過他們。

  • And real quick, visually this is like a really cool looking intersection so I just want to show it to you really quick.


  • So you can check it out, we've got like some of the stuff going down the hill, we've got like a handful of roads kinda merging here.


  • Well it looks pretty cool, check it out.


  • The next thing to remember is that, really nobody cares.


  • I mean I'm sure you don't have any problems taking selfies when you're out with buddies or anything like that.


  • Like really nobody cares, it's normal these days for everybody to be making videos, everybody to be taking photos wherever they're at.


  • As a matter of fact, there's people over here right now taking photos.


  • And of course practice, if you're not practicing, well guess what, you're not gonna get better.


  • So if this is something that you want to do, well of course the more that you practice at it, the better that you're gonna get at it, the more comfortable that you're gonna get at it,


  • And the better you're actually going to be at it.


  • if you just practice it and you practice getting out there and getting over that fear.


  • Another thing that you can do if you are intimidated by vlogging in public is you can also get off the beaten path a little bit so that you're still outside, you're still out in the world so to speak.

    還可以做另一件事情來消除在公眾場合拍 vlog 的恐懼,你可以選擇在人煙稀少的地方拍 Vlog,這樣也算是在外面。

  • But while you're out in the world, you're a little bit off the beaten path like you can see right now.


  • Like I've got a bunch of people over here, but like behind me there's not many people and most of the people over here, they're just focused on eating in a restaurant.


  • And they don't really care what I'm doing if they even notice me at all.


  • Kind of like where I'm at right now for example.


  • And that kinda brings me to the next thing is most people they don't care, like it's usually us that has the biggest problem with all of this.


  • When we're going around we're like oh what are people gonna think about me?


  • But people are out doing their own thing.


  • If they're outside, they're trying to enjoy whatever it is that they're doing outside.


  • They're not really caring about all of the people that are doing stuff around them unless it's actually bothering them in some way.


  • But in most cases as long as you're not getting people on camera nobody's really going to care.


  • The next thing that you can do is


  • if you are worried about vlogging in public

    如果你還是很擔心在公眾場合拍 Vlog,

  • and you have a fear about vlogging in public,

    如果你對於在公眾場合拍 Vlog 很恐懼,

  • get fired up, get excited about what it is that you're doing


  • and just that excitement can really help you focus


  • on what it is that you're doing


  • and kinda make everything else that's around you going on


  • make all of that stuff kinda fade away.


  • Now I've put together a whole playlist of additional videos


  • that will help you overcome camera shyness.


  • You can watch that here right now.


  • And to learn more ways to grow your channel,


  • make videos, and all types of other YouTube related stuff

    包括拍攝影片或是 YouTube 的相關技巧,

  • start now by subscribing.


  • Thank you so much for watching.


  • I'll see you next time.


I'm gonna tell you how to overcome the fear of vlogging in public, and this is also going to help you overcome camera shyness in general and we're starting right now.

讓我來告訴你如何克服恐懼在公眾場所拍攝 Vlog,這影片也會教大家如何在相機面前也能自在說話。馬上開始囉。

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