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00:00:01,255 --> 00:00:02,420 My name is Angeline.
I'm a solicitor here in Hong Kong.
And in our free time, myself and a lot of colleagues,
we go and assist people who are arrested
because of the protests.
00:00:15,160 --> 00:00:16,090 My name is Alfred.
I'm a cardiologist in a public hospital.
Many of these injured protesters are actually
afraid of getting medical help from the established system,
so they have nowhere to go.
So they came to us.
My name is Rebecca.
I'm a social worker.
I sometimes go to the front line and talk
to people that are preparing themselves to get arrested
or be beaten by the police.
00:00:54,465 --> 00:00:56,400 It's about 8:00 in the evening.
There was a protest this...
earlier today on Hong Kong Island.
So a bunch of people were arrested.
There were some clashes around Causeway Bay, Admiralty
and Central.
And now, I'm outside North Port Police Station
because we know that a few people were arrested.
And we're here to check who is in here and who's not.
Myself, I think I am in a privileged position,
not in the sense of being from a very
well off family or whatever but in the sense
that I have fewer concerns than some other people.
I don't have family in the mainland China
that I can get threatened with.
I feel like it's a duty on my part.
I've mostly sacrificed sleep.
But you know, that's really nothing
compared to what people on the street are giving up.
00:01:55,350 --> 00:01:57,419 As doctors in the public sector in Hong Kong,
we have already quite a heavy workload from our daily work.
Many a time, you have to stay up until 3:00 to 4:00
in the morning to pick up these hotlines
and arrange accordingly for these patients.
00:02:18,035 --> 00:02:21,109 There was this girl that we engaged online.
We actually engaged her on Telegram.
And she was telling us that she was very distressed
and she had conflict with her family.
And she told us how sad she was.
And her biggest issue is that her father in the police.
She's out there every night protesting
and got beaten by police and got tear gassed by police.
And then back home, his dad won't understand anything.
And his dad will just say, all the protesters are rioters.
So at the end, she had to move out.
And she lived in a hotel and she actually
lived in a hotel for two weeks before we can reach her.
And she was just broke by then.
00:03:14,345 --> 00:03:19,810 We've done marches for ages and ages.
We've done marches with a turnout of 1m people.
And that evening, Carrie Lam just went ahead and said,
oh, the second reading of the bill
will continue on Wednesday.
If it weren't for people surrounding
the legislative council on the 11th of June
and on the 12th of June, the bill would have been passed.
I mean, that's something that we have to admit.
The Hong Kong government just didn't listen at all.
It is a bit radical for me to say this,
Even though we may disagree with their means,
we have to admit that we are now enjoying the results.
00:03:59,780 --> 00:04:03,830 Many of these professions have found their own role
in supporting the movement.
I think this is very important because this is not
a single battle.
This is a very long war that we are going to fight.
It takes probably more than one generation,
and it takes more than just a few thousand
or a few hundreds of protesters fighting at the front line.
It takes the wisdom of the elders
and the energy of the young people to win this war.


為何醫師,律師,藝術家支持香港示威 (Why doctors, lawyers, artists back the Hong Kong protests | FT)

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