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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 163. The verb phrase today is "bug

  • off. " Okay. Let's look at the note here. If someone tells another person to bug off

  • he or she is telling that person to go away, get lost , get out of here you know,

  • etc. So remember when we say that it depends on who you're saying it to. If it's meant as

  • a joke or if it's meant seriously. Sometimes it could be considered a little

  • offensive or a little strong, depending upon who you're saying this to. Let's

  • continue. This phrase seemed to start in the mid-1950s and is believed to derive

  • from the British term "bugger off.' So in American English, we usually say bug off.

  • Maybe the British may say bugger off. They say it was picked up as US Airforce

  • slang during the Korean War and I guess the soldiers brought it back and, and I

  • guess it caught on and became a more common phrase. Let's continue. Of course

  • the idea alludes to shooing away like we say shoo, shoo. Get out of here.

  • Shooing away a bug, especially mosquitoes, gnats, etc. It may sometimes be considered

  • to be a little rude. Just like I said before or a little offensive. Okay. Anyway,

  • let's take a look. We got three examples here. The first one. Stop playing here

  • and making all this noise. Bug off. Yes. So again some adults may say this is

  • to children sometimes. You might be able to speak down to children that way. Bug

  • off. Get out of here. Don't bother us. Or number two. Bug off. There is no loitering

  • in this area. This might be guard. You know, maybe maybe some people are hanging

  • out and they're not there for any good purpose. Or maybe it's a homeless person

  • you know, trying to be in a bus station or a train station maybe the guard is

  • telling them to bug off. You got to go. You can't stay here. Or number three. She basically

  • told us the bug off. She basically told us to get out of here. Go away. Okay.

  • Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope it I was clear. I hope it was enjoyable. Thank you

  • for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 163. The verb phrase today is "bug


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英語家教Nick P動詞短語(163)Bug Off。 (English Tutor Nick P Verb Phrase (163) Bug Off)

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