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Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Proverbs 58. The proverb today is
better a mouse in the pot than no meat at all.
Okay, good. Let's take a look at the note here.
This proverb is almost self-explanatory. So if we say it's self-explanatory just by
reading it, it almost explains what it means.
It doesn't need a lot of deeper explanation,
and it basically means
something is better than nothing.
Having something no matter how small or
poor in quality is better than nothing at all.
That's basically what it is so, a
a mouse.
Even though a mouse would not be very big.
That's even smaller than a rat.
A mouse of the pot. Well did they
cook the mouse ? That's what the proverb actually implies.
Is better than no meat at all.
Okay, good. So let's continue here.
There are many good examples of this
proverb the past few years in Venezuela.
Due to extreme levels of socialism and
numerous currency devaluations
combined with price controls has led to
food shortages. Yes, very severe food shortages.
I might have actually explained some of this in in past videos.
Because of the of the currency devaluations,
even the people that were buying products,
and trying to resell them in Venezuela.
They had to pay much higher prices.
And then the government went around
and turned and said there are price controls.
And the problem was is that the
vendors that were getting stuff, could no
longer sell it for more expensive than
they're buying for it. Than they're buying it.
So just like in any case where there is business,
if you buy a product.
and you have to sell it for cheaper than you bought it for.
Then of course you're not going to do it .
Because you would lose money with every sale.
So therefore they just weren't doing it.
That's what led to food shortages.
That's what led to the farmers, it wasn't even worth growing the stuff or the vendors
selling it because the government
made rules that they can only sell it for tis price.
And they could not get it for that price.
Okay. So let's continue here.
There were many reported case of
reported cases of stray dogs and cats
that were taken from the streets and eaten.
Yeah. I think thing from what they
were saying, there's like none left.
They ate them all pretty much.
People broke into a zoo and killed and ate animals.
Yeah. There was at least one story of this.
I know they ate a black stallion,
and I believe there were other cases,
where they broke into zoos and they ate
other animals as well. So you know,
When people get desperate and of course
Again, something is better than nothing,
when you really have no food at all.
The average Venezuelan lost over 20
pounds last year. All right. This is just
more to add to it. I guess the proverb of a
better a mouse in the pot than no meat
at all in Venezuela is literally true.
Okay, anyway. I hope you got it. I hope
it's clear.
I hope it was informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.


English Tutor Nick P Proverbs (58) Better a Mouse in the Pot Than No Meat at All

28 分類 收藏
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