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  • (light ambient music) (water bubbling)

  • - [Man] The free diver to me is a pioneer.

  • We're all experimenting in something that has not been

  • the main thrust of humanity until now.

  • (light ambient music)

  • My name is Aharon Solomons.

  • I'm a free dive instructor-trainer from Edah.

  • I specialize in coaching athletes who want

  • to do national records or world records.

  • You've got to kick in your dive reflexes,

  • breathe up a little bit, uh, breathing,

  • about as you'd do just before you went to sleep.

  • Then one big breath, turn over, and go.

  • From the moment that you leave the surface,

  • the blood is beginning to leave the peripheries

  • and migrate towards the so-called noble organs.

  • Then you start to sink faster and faster.

  • Once you're free falling, it's pure pleasure.

  • It's an incredible sensation of restfulness.

  • You're going down, and the colors change.

  • You go down from a clear blue hue

  • to a darker blue, and to a purple twilight.

  • And then finally into total blackness.

  • (music stops) And then we have

  • a rude awakening, we hit the plate,

  • and then we turn 'round and we have to work

  • a bit harder coming up, and as you come up,

  • you're working less hard, because buoyancy is returning,

  • and then it's like a rebirth,

  • you're coming back into the light.

  • The whole process is one of pleasure,

  • and of terrific sense of adventure and achievement.

  • Usually changes some switches.

  • All the things that I thought were impossible,

  • all the things that I thought

  • were not achievable by me, are.

  • If that's achievable, what else isn't achievable?

  • And that opens a whole Pandora's box.

  • So it's quite an experience, free diving.

  • (light ambient music)

(light ambient music) (water bubbling)


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B1 中級 美國腔

一口氣就能深潛 (Diving Deep On a Single Breath)

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