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  • - [Voiceover] It's red and pricey.

  • It's a critter and a delicacy.

  • It's the crème de la crème of seafood,

  • but this beloved summertime favorite was once thought of

  • as the poor man's food.

  • Say what?

  • It is said that in the early 16th century

  • as the first Pilgrims began to settle

  • in bay areas of America

  • that the oceans overfloweth with lobster.

  • No, literally, they overfloweth.

  • Imagine a shore with a lobster wall two feet tall.

  • As one would expect, the settlers ate them up

  • until, like anything eaten three times a day,

  • they got sick of them,

  • eventually deeming them the cockroaches of the sea.

  • After that, lobsters were used as fertilizer,

  • fish bait, and ultimately prison food.

  • They were fed so often to inmates

  • that there was even a law enacted to protect said inmates

  • from cruel and unusual lobster punishment.

  • So, then how did lobster become the succulent delicacy

  • we all know and love?

  • Fast forward to the mid 1800s.

  • Canned food became a thing, as did the railroad.

  • Lobsters were canned and shipped to Middle America.

  • At the same time, Middle Americans started traveling

  • to New England for fresh lobster.

  • By the late 1880s, prices began to surge.

  • And by World War II, lobsters become the pricey speciality

  • we've all grown to enjoy.

  • (jaunty piano music)

- [Voiceover] It's red and pricey.


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B2 中高級 美國腔

龍蝦晚餐。從底層居民到地位象徵 (Lobster Dinner: From Bottom-Dweller to Status Symbol)

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