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Ten minutes Mr. Gates
Do you have the revisions for the opening of the show?
Nah, we're still making some changes
Am I gonna get them before the show or after the show?
You know the drill: you just point the camera in my direction and we'll figure it out together.
It always sounds so simple and yet so moronic
Good luck everybody.
Name is Lee Gates; the show is "Money Monster"
Who's that guy?
On camera two?
Without risk, there is no reward
You're lying!
Cut the feed!
Turn those cameras back on!
What do you want me to do?
Turn them on!
Put it up!
Anyone who can get out, get out right now.
Pick it up, put it on.
How do I know it won't blow up?
Because I have the detonator.
My thumb comes off this trigger and we all explode.
It's enough for a fireball 50 feet from center.
Evacuate the rest of the building
I can't breathe!
Lee. Stay calm. I'm right here.
I want everyone to know something.
I might be the one with the one with the gun here
but I'm not the real criminal - it's people like these guys
They're stealing everything from us and they're getting away with it too.
I'm telling you it's rigged!
They literally control the information.
My honest job pays me $14 an hour
How is that even fair?
We need help right now
Just tell him to keep stalling
They like how the math adds up
so they gotta keep rewriting the equation
Just keep talking to him - you're good at that
Okay, I get it, you lost some money
Some money?
You lost a lot of money
They tracked down his girlfriend
That was everything we had - every last cent!
What are you doing?
I'm not the only shareholder who got screwed over here.
You're the only shareholder here with a gun.
If we KNEW how we lost 800 million dollars we wouldn't have lost 800 million dollars.
He wants an explanation for what went wrong.
High frequency trading is so complex
You came here to get some answers.
And I can get you some answers.
You have to understand how delicate a situation this is
I'm sitting 80 feet from a bomb - don't talk to me about delicate situations!
We're in this together.
It is not the computer's fault
There are human fingerprints all over this.
Oh my god.
Get out of there right now, Lee!
You're trying to shoot him, I'm trying to save him.
I want an explanation, Lee!
I want what happened to make sense!
Take a deep breath
Lee, can you hear me?
Keep your finger on that button
I don't want you to die.
Take the shot!
You came here because you wanted people to finally listen to you.
Now they are.


金錢怪獸 (Money Monster Official International Trailer #1 (2016) - George Clooney, Julia Roberts Drama HD)

328 分類 收藏
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