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You should know me by now.
Did you think this would please me...being shown mercy?
I don't want your pity.
Are you really this spineless?
I'm responsible...for crushing that dream.
I remember there being somebody, I think somewhere in Kichijoji.
Why don't we go check it out? Let's look around.
Wait, so you're saying...?
Cognition can be rewritten.
Is that even possible?
Remember the discussion we just had?
There are a number of students in this school you shouldn't get involved with.
Don't you think she's acting strange?
Thanks for taking my counseling into consideration.
I've been getting this feeling like someone's watching me.
Have we been tailed?
Are you still planning to continue on as the Phantom Thieves?
I would think you'd want to steer clear of situations like this. You've been bad.
So you're out like the trash if you don't show results.
We should be able to prevent the worst case scenario if we keep up our efforts.
Did you know?
We're all capable of changing ourselves...if we just believe.
Let's make it a guy thing.
And don't go telling Ann or Makoto. All right?
Especially Makoto.
If she finds out I partied right after taking my finals, I'm in deep shit.
All those people cheering before...it's like a total reversal now.
How could they be like this?
I fled from the truth. I'm sorry.
There's no justice in granting people's wishes as you see fit.
I'll be the one to decide what's right for me.
I won't ditch everyone else to save my own ass.
Such is the code of the Phantom Thieves.



Persona 5 Royal - E3 2019 Trailer | PS4

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